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    A Few Words from the Department Head

    The academic faculty, department coordinator and I welcome your interest in the B.A. program in Human Resource Management. On the shores of the beautiful Kinneret we meticulously designed a leading program in human resource management that underscores professionalism, applicability and a high academic standard along with creativity and vision.
    What is a B.A. in Human Resource Management?
    An undergraduate degree in human resource management provides an academic foundation for anyone who plans to manage (or is already managing) people, particularly human resource management. In addition to basic studies and methodologies, which enable managers to scientifically examine the behavior and attitudes of employees in the organization in order to lead it to success and the employees to a rewarding career path, students acquire the skills and tools needed to manage, especially manage the human resource in the 21st century. Today it is clearly understood that managing people in organizations is a profession in all respects, and based on this understanding we designed for you a leading academic program that incorporates an exceptional applied approach.
    Why Study Human Resource Management at Kinneret Academic College?
    Combine work with studies – based on the understanding that in today’s work world employees should be able to combine academic studies alongside ongoing career development, Kinneret Academic College offers a program tailored to the needs of working people. This is why we designed a unique program that also accommodates students who work during the day. This is the only human resources study program in Israel that operates in this format.
    Applicability – this program is unusual in terms of its applicability. First, most of the program lecturers are academics who work in various areas of the profession in addition to their myriad academic activities. When combined, this knowledge and experience results in professionalism. Second, from the first week of studies, and throughout the program, students experience applied aspects of human resources. Thus, throughout their studies students attend enrichment lectures from leading lecturers, participate in professional workshops in the field, and at the end of their second year of studies already begin a practicum. Complementing the applied part of the program, in their third year of studies students can choose to add another day of study in order to complete two additional certificates, in group facilitation and in advanced consulting skills.
    What Can I do with the Degree after Completing the Program?
    Owing to the unique program structure, students choose from among a range of professional or academic career paths already in the course of their studies, and of course after completing the program. Students can continue their studies in organizational consulting, business administration, organizational sociology, organizational psychology, labor studies and additional fields. Professionally, students can seek employment in human resource departments and consulting firms, and in these fields go on to develop significant careers as salaried employees or self-employed professionals.
    We will be happy to see you among the students who have already made their choice, and look forward to helping you develop a meaningful career based on a groundbreaking academic program. We promise you a rewarding student experience, support throughout the course of your studies and a warm and welcoming attitude from both the academic and the administrative faculty.
    Dr. Yariv Itzkovich
    Head of the Human Resource Management Department

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