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    B.Sc in Energy Engineering – Gas and Petroleum

    Gas and Petroleum Energy Engineering – Thinking Green for Our Common Future

    Natural gas is one of the most important energy sources. It is used, among other things, as a significantly greener source of electricity generation compared to other sources for heating homes and fueling gas-converted vehicles. In Israel the natural gas breakthrough began in 2000 with the discovery of the Mari-B gas field off the coast of Ashkelon. A gas induction and piping system was built since then and continues to expand with the discovery of additional gas fields, mainly Tamar and Leviathan. Now is the time to enter one of the hottest and sought-after industrial fields.

    Why Choose a Degree in Gas and Petroleum Energy Engineering?

    Peak Demand for Energy Engineers

    Developments in the natural gas field have led to massive investments in infrastructure and to unprecedented demand for engineers specializing in the planning, construction and operation of gas handling systems, gas production from geological gas reservoirs, the planning, development, oversight and maintenance of energy systems and the planning, development and maintenance of gas piping, accumulation and storage networks, mainly in the Israeli market. All this alongside the demand for graduates with an understanding of how to operate in light of regulatory limitations, including those stemming from the reciprocal relationship between energy and the environment and between gas and petroleum energy and renewable energy sources (such as solar and wind energy and fuel production from plants – biomass).

    A Sure and Immediate Career

    Graduates with a degree in gas and petroleum energy engineering are in demand and can quickly find employment in the energy industries, including the renewable energy and petrochemical industry fields that are in particular demand with the development of environmental awareness and the global warming crisis.

    Innovating and Interesting

    Work in the gas and petroleum energy engineering field is innovative, pertinent and fascinating, offering professional challenges in developing a range of uses and applications in the gas industry which may serve as economic and environmental springboards in Israel and the world.

    How will the Study Program Contribute to My Professional Advancement?

    An Horizon-Expanding Foundation

    The study program provides a broad and rich scientific-engineering foundation in a range of subjects related to gas and petroleum energy engineering, while offering a wide perspective of this important field and preparing graduates for the relevant engineering positions in the real world.

    Develop Independent Research Capabilities

    The program underscores the development of independent study habits, including finding and using information sources, so that students can continue to develop, learn and advance after completing their studies and on the job.

    Why Study at Kinneret Academic College?


    At Kinneret Academic College we acknowledge the student’s decision and commitment to pursue academic studies. This is why we developed PERSONAL ACADEMY, a personal and innovative study environment that enables you to get more out of your studies and accompanies you personally until you receive the degree.
    PERSONAL ACADEMY includes individual meetings with lecturers, a personalized program tailored to your abilities and aspirations, small classes, studies at your pace, and a green and experiential campus on the shores of the Kinneret.

    The Gas and Petroleum Energy Engineering Program Study Curriculum

    Foundation Courses

    Foundation courses are mainly in mathematics, physics, chemistry and computer science, and provide a broad and in-depth knowledge foundation. This part of the curriculum provides an important basis for all engineering studies, with adjustments according to the specific subject requirements.

    Basic Engineering Courses

    Courses such as introduction to energy, introduction to materials engineering, mechanics of fluids, mechanics of solids, heat and mass transfer and introduction to control – provide broad basic knowledge in the various disciplines, serve as the foundation and interface with gas and petroleum energy engineering, all in the aim of qualifying graduates for any professional field related to this industry.

    Specialization Courses

    Courses such as fuels and their characteristics, power and heat facilities, separation processes, crude petroleum oil and its products, bio-fuels, renewable energy, drilling gas and petroleum wells and environmental quality – that include topics at the core of the engineer’s work in the gas and petroleum energy industries and in the renewable energy industries.

    Elective Courses

    Courses such as statistics and reliability, geology, energy and the environment, economics for engineers, energy economics, legislation, quality and reliability in energy engineering, and general studies.

    Teaching Laboratories

    In the course of their four years of study students will receive a taste of gas and petroleum energy research practices and will conduct experiments in six laboratories: general chemistry, organic chemistry, physics, hydrodynamics and gas, dynamic and process simulation, and separation processes.

    Final Practical Project

    Students conduct the project in their last year of study under the guidance of professionals from industry, applying the knowledge they acquired in the course of their studies in order to solve a significant engineering problem.

    Industrial Tours

    In each of their four years of study students participate in an expert-guided student tour to one of the industries pertaining to their field of study. The tours aim to acquaint students with engineering activities in the range of fields in the energy industry, with an emphasis on the developing gas industry.

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