The Laboratory of Polymers, Composite and Nanocomposite at the Kinneret Academic College, was established during 2016. Polymer and composite materials are a central and important part of almost every industry and research in Israel and around the world. The Polymer Laboratory focuses on research, developments and characterization in various fields polymers and nanotechnology, with an emphasis on electrically conductive polymers and functional hybrid materials.

Academic research (partial list)

  1. Anti-biofouling coating for commercial membranes
  2. Anti-biofouling membranes prepared with nanoparticles
  3. Odor adsorption nanoparticles for recycled polymers
  4. Multi-functional coating for LDPE sheets (greenhouses)
  5. Integrated sensors (electro-chemical, electro-mechanical)
  6. Hybrid electrically conductive nanomaterials
  7. Sonochemistry

Lab’s equipment (partial list)

  1. Vibra cell VCX 750ultrasonic liquid processor
  2. Vibra cell VCX 600ultrasonic liquid processor
  3. Vibra cell VCX 1500W ultrasonic liquid processor
  4. Electrospinning
  5. MemCast (expected 11.2022)
  6. Instron (50kN & 1kN load cells)
  7. 3-D dual head printer

Contact Information
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Phone: +972-54-9985425

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