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    B.A. in Behavioral Sciences

    B.A. in Behavioral Sciences at the Kinneret Academic College – Be Human Above All Else

    A bachelor’s degree in Behavioral Sciences provides a complex view of humans – as individuals, as part of society and as part of a culture, and to this end psychological, sociological and anthropological aspects are studied. Students in the Behavioral Sciences B.A. program at the Kinneret Academic College study human behavior, its motivations and consequences. Together with critical and in-depth examination of various approaches, theories and research findings the program prepares students for a wide range of fields pertaining to human beings and society. This is the perfect academic degree for those who want to delve into human nature.

    Why Choose a Degree in the Behavioral Sciences?

    A Springboard to Advanced Degrees

    A bachelor’s degree is important in and of itself, yet sometimes it is even more important as the starting point of a long and more in-depth path. It is therefore important to know that the Behavioral Sciences B.A. program is at a high academic level and prepares you for graduate studies and even for a certificate/certification in a range of relevant and highly interesting fields, among them: educational psychology, research psychology, therapy, educational counseling, behavior analysis, human resources, social work, nursing, special education and organizational consulting.

     Professional Practicum

    As part of the program students gain hands-on research experience in a research laboratory and participate in a practicum in order to accumulate experience. Thus, students complete the program with practical experience that will help them when entering the employment market.

    How will the Degree Advance Me Professionally?

    Graduates of the Behavioral Sciences department pursue a range of academic degrees (in Israel and abroad) in fields that interface with the behavioral sciences.
    Furthermore, employment opportunities for department graduates include: human resource management, work with youth, hostels, training, strengthening disadvantaged populations and adult education, as well as work in social welfare frameworks such as hospitals, prisons and additional rehabilitation institutions.
    In the course of their studies students visit organizations, non-profit organizations and institutions, providing volunteering, acquaintance and employment opportunities so that students have experience and are prepared to enter the employment market.

    Why Study at Kinneret Academic College?


    At Kinneret Academic College we acknowledge the student’s decision and commitment to pursue academic studies. This is why we developed PERSONAL ACADEMY, a personal and innovative study environment that enables you to get more out of your studies and accompanies you personally until you receive the degree.

    PERSONAL ACADEMY includes individual meetings with lecturers, a personalized program tailored to your abilities and aspirations, small classes, studies at your pace, and a green and experiential campus on the shores of the Kinneret.

    Quality Professional Faculty

    The department’s professional academic faculty members, leading researchers in their respective fields, are available to accompany students throughout their studies, while using varied teaching approaches and teaching relevant practices.

    Social and Community Life

    At Kinneret Academic College we believe that academic studies are more than just courses and exams, and therefore include in the program social activities for departmental cohesion and community contribution activities that highlight the value of social action and cultivate a volunteering spirit.

    What is Studied in the Behavioral Sciences Program?

    Students in the Behavioral Sciences B.A. program learn to ask, research and apply. Furthermore, the program also offers experiential courses in which students meet their self and examine questions about the environment in which we live and how to effect social change.
    The program is comprised of 120 credits, according to the requirements of the Council for Higher Education, and includes introductory courses (e.g., Introduction to Psychology, Introduction to Sociology, Introduction to Anthropology), methodology courses (e.g., Quantitative Research Methods, Qualitative Research Methods), seminars, elective courses and a practicum.
    Program courses acquaint students with various treatment approaches such as behavior analysis and cognitive psychology.

    The Behavioral Sciences B.A. program also provides in-depth study of biological and personality aspects in explaining human behavior.
    Through the program courses students study children, youth and adults; at-risk populations, various cultures and gender differences, and meet the requirements for continued studies in psychology.
    In addition to the curriculum, the program offers students a wide range of enrichment workshops and lectures, providing professional tools for their personal and professional development.

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