Prof. Abraham Shitzer


Prof. Avraham Shitzer

מנכ''ל המכללה - מיכאל (מיקי) לב


Michael (Miki) Lev

Was born and raised on Kibbutz Yagur. Served in the Israeli Air Force as a pilot and commander (Gen. res.). He served in a range of roles, including commander of squadrons of Kfir and F-15 jets, command and HQ commander, head of the Safety and Quality Control Administration, and base commander.

Mr. Lev has a master’s degree from the Naval Postgraduate School, Monterey, California.

He later worked as deputy-CEO, responsible for human resources and operations for the Blue Square Israeli group, as well as deputy-CEO responsible for human resources at the Tnuva Group.

He also served as director of the training division for senior government ministry personnel of the JDC Institute for Leadership and Governance.

His other roles included working as a strategy and management consultant at large, medium-sized and small business companies, as well as filling various positions in the IDF and national defense system.

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