Research Authority

Kinneret Academic College in the Jordan Valley strives to promote, deepen and expand the research activities of faculty members at the College, and to provide them with the maximum means necessary to carry out research.

The Research Authority provides administrative, logistical and financial services for research activities at the College.

The Research Authority operates in the following sectors:

  1. Will serve as a place for assistance in raising research grants and scholarships from external sources for the College.
  2. Will guide researchers during their research and provide tools for success and action.
  3. Will monitor performance of academic grants (financial and academic research reports)

The Authorities Area of Activity and Topics: The Research Authority’s purpose is to promote and arrange research activities at the College in accordance with policy determined by the College’s Academic Council and / or the College’s management.

By means of:

  • Identifying potential sources of financing for research and development in Israel and abroad.
  • Assisting College researchers in submitting research proposals to external factors.
  • Guides contacts contractual communication with the financing fund.
  • Management of the College research budget funded both by local sources and by external factors.
  • Preparation of financial and scientific reports for the Financial Organization (monitoring and control of payments and receipts).
  • Organizing meetings of research and development with scientists and functionaries, representing potential external factors to fund research.
  • Maintain ongoing contacts and to present the College to potential funding bodies in order to promote the research and development of the College and its researchers.
  • Maintaining ties with universities and research institutions in Israel and abroad to promote and strengthen the research and development of the College and its researchers.
  • Monitoring standards of College procedures and of the financing entities including the establishment of appropriate committees and procedures.

For further information, please contact:

Head of the Research Authority
Prof. Hillel Nusak
Email –
Office Phone – 04-6653640

Coordinator of the Research Authority
Sapir Menin
Email –
Telephone office – 04-66533616

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