Courses incorporating hands-on experience

Dr. Ziv Ardi

Dr. Ziv Ardi

Kinneret Academic College aims to provide its graduates with an excellent education in various fields, while also imparting social, national and personal values ​​to help pave their way and to integrate into the labor market. Along with carrying the banner of excellence in teaching, research and academic development, the college places the students at the center, and sees itself committed to preparing them the best way possible to face the challenges of tomorrow.

In order to implement college policy, we have been managing, for several years, an array of “learning that combines experience”. Students from various departments experience a variety of activities throughout the year with the guideline being the creation of a space that allows practical experience with significant impact that is accompanied by academic mentoring on the one hand and professional mentoring on the other.

The college offers a hands-on course at Poriya Hospital, in which students in the Department of Multidisciplinary Studies can participate. There is also an entrepreneurship course on 21st century skills that takes place within the framework of the Innovation Center.

Efforts at the college are carried out thanks to excellent cooperation between the president of the college, the school deans, the Department for Academic Administration, the Department for the Development and Promotion of Teaching, the Dean of Students, and the Department of External Relations.

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