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    B.A. in Human Resource Management

    Human Resource Management at the Kinneret Academic College – Studying towards a Humane Profession

    A bachelor’s degree in Human Resource Management is a practical and fascinating degree that trains students for a career in management, and in human resource management in particular, an important and contemporary field that helps lead companies and organizations into the 21st century. If you like people, if you feel that you were “born to be a manager”, if you want to lead social and economic trends, come study towards a degree that will fit you like a glove.

    Why Choose a Degree in Human Resource Management?

    Groundbreaking Praxis

    Students in the Human Resource Management department operate as a human resource unit in the organization as early as their first year of study, gaining practical experience even before they complete their studies as part of their training for the work world. Further in their studies the students apply their experience and theoretical knowledge in a two-stage practicum in a business or public organization.

    We are proud to note that in 2018 the B.A. in Human Resource Management department at Kinneret Academic College was awarded a commendation for a groundbreaking praxis by the leading professional non-profit organization in Israel in the human resource management field.

    Manager Training

    This is your opportunity to develop a successful management career immediately after receiving your degree, by gaining the highest level professional training with a focus on the fascinating and varied field of human resource management.

    Acquire a Vital and Applicable Profession

    Stand at the forefront – the human factor is the most important aspect of every company and organization, and after completing the program you will be able to manage and lead it forward, to streamline critical processes and care for the welfare of the human aspect of the organization.

    Consolidate a Foundation of Knowledge

    The program will provide you with a broad foundation of knowledge in a range of significant fields that will help propel you forward, among them organizational sociology, organizational psychology, employee management and human resource development, employee onboarding, selection and evaluation, labor law and organizational development.

    How will the Program Advance Me Professionally?

    Varied Development Directions

    Program graduates will be able to fill a wide range of management positions in varied organizations, as well as diverse human resource development and management positions in the public, private and business sectors. Graduates can also develop a freelance career in a range of organizational consulting fields as well as an academic research career.

    Organizational Consulting Certificate

    In their third year of studies students will be able to combine studies towards an organizational consulting certificate in their study curriculum and to complete the program with a B.A. in Human Resource Management and a certificate indicating comprehensive professional training in organizational consulting, thus opening additional and no less important opportunities.

    Why Study at Kinneret Academic College?

    A Leading Praxis

    The B.A. program in Human Resource Management provides students with practical experience as early as their undergraduate studies, and for this in 2018 the program was awarded a commendation for a groundbreaking praxis by the leading professional non-profit organization in Israel in the human resource management field. Students in the program will also learn to work in a world with numerous technological platforms, such as searching for candidates on LinkedIn and personality analysis of an applicant using social networks.

    Lecturers Connected to the Field

    The program’s academic faculty is comprised of lecturers with extensive and rich practical experience who serve as human resource managers and organizational consultants in a range of companies, and therefore provide their students with an ongoing and continuous connection to the practical aspects of the profession.


    At Kinneret Academic College we acknowledge the student’s decision and commitment to pursue academic studies. This is why we developed PERSONAL ACADEMY, a personal and innovative study environment that enables you to get more out of your studies and accompanies you personally until you receive the degree.

    PERSONAL ACADEMY includes individual meetings with lecturers, a personalized program tailored to your abilities and aspirations, small classes, studies at your pace, and a green and experiential campus on the shores of the Kinneret.

    Why is this Field Even Necessary?

    It is already commonly understood that the human resource is a foremost factor in an organization’s success. Hence also the enormous importance of human resource managers who can address management challenges created by accelerated technological development, the process of globalization and additional social and economic trends.

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