Preparing student for professional success through Developing students’ 21st skills

ניבה דולב

Dr. Niva Dolev

In a constantly transforming world typified with increased competition, rising demands, and profound change in the nature of most professions c, 21st century skills are becoming critical for optimally integrating into the work force. There is an increasing agreement that One of the roles of academia is to develop these capabilities, and to provide graduates with a high value proposition for their future carreer. Kinneret Academic College is a pioneer in this field and works to advance skills, such as critical thinking and creativity, self-awareness and self-management, interpersonal communication andteamwork, flexibility and the ability to work in a diverse environment.

In accoedance, many departments at the college are dedicated to developing personal, interpersonal, organizational and societal skills by incorporating related courses such as interpersonal communication, social-emotional competence, conflict resolution, cultural sensitivity and emotions in organizations, as well as conflict-management, positive psychology and coping with stress. In addition, development of 21st century skills in existing courses are being piloted, being placed in the center of academic courses. An interdisciplinary course was taught by our present and dean of the school of Humanities was taught in tandem last year, as well as an international course with students abroad.

Additionally, students in many departments participate in workshops that prepare them for the world of employment, including identifying a vision and setting goals, writing a resume, how to have a successful job interview, and how to present in front of an audience. At the same time, teaching, learning and assessment methods have been updated to adapt and support the development of required skills, and classrooms are undergoing refurbishment and adaptations. Practical experiences and on-site work within the practicum, the Innovation Center, and various early-stage projects support this practice, and enable the gaining of experience and the ability to transition from theory to the field. There is no doubt that we are at the beginning of an incredibly exciting and important path ahead that will take us out of our comfort zone, expanding our activity, role and mission.

The Campus of Tomorrow Project, a flagship project at the college, aims to continue to integrate this trend across the college by implementing broad, reflective and comprehensive processes that will continue to prepare graduates for tomorrow, while maintaining the quality academic level in an inclusive and diverse campus.

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