Do you have friends who are interested in studying for a bachelor’s or master’s degree?
Tell us about them!
If they enroll to study at Kinneret Academic College, you will reap the benefits of a financial incentive*
And equally important, you will study together with your friends
An incentive of – 750 NIS for each friend that registers through you to study in the Faculty of Engineering and the Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities.
Please note- enrolling in the M.A. in Behavior Analysis is excluded from the eligibility criteria for this incentive.

Anyone who registers now, will take advantage of a substantial discount on the registration fee So if you haven’t registered yet, now is the optimal moment to take action!

Fill out your friend’s information in our form and we will contact them.

*The incentive will be awarded only under the stipulation that the student begins their studies at Kinneret at the beginning of the 2024-2025 academic year.
The college reserves the right to modify or discontinue the incentive at its discretion.

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