Student Union – Mutual and Impactful Community Projects

The Student Union at Kinneret Academic College works hard to develop its connections with the college management and the community in which it operates.

The union has a Facebook page and a page on the college app, which advertises Student Union activities, and Facebook posts about national task force activity. In addition, in order to expand activities and involvement, the Union, in collaboration with the college, offers and recognizes credit points for such activities.

Following is an example of a Facebook posting:

“On Friday, the national Koach Mesima conference was held in Kiryat Shmona.

The meeting was attended by students from Kinneret, Tel Hai, Safed and the Open University.

The conference concluded with a scholarship funded by the National Student Union and the Ministry of Social Equality. Each student who took part in the program received a NIS 5,000 scholarship, and contributed 90 hours of community activity.

Students were interviewed on the subject and shared the process they had gone through with the elderly people they had accompanied. Many of the stories were about the great pain the elderly had experienced due to the loneliness during the corona pandemic, before the students came to accompany them. Many students stated that the bond formed with the elderly they accompanied gave them great strength.

Chairman of the Kinneret Student Union, as a representative of the Student Union, came to hear the scholarship recipients, who had accompanied the elderly population during the Corona period.

Former Chairman of the Kinneret Student Union, Horesh Ken:

”I was happy to see and hear students who stepped up and led an important social action; the stories I heard were very moving. These are students who took on the challenge, and did it with great dedication. We initiated the program at the National Student Union, and this is where we were aiming: To create activities where students can support the community. Therefore, our programs also support education, health, youth centers, and more. Our job now is to continue the success of the program and to expand on it.

We, the Student Union, will continue to promote these types of scholarships in order to provide additional solutions for individual students and the whole student population.”

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