Kol Kinneret – The Voice of Kinneret – 106FM

The 30th anniversary celebrations of the Kineret College educational-community radio station – led by the Department of Communication

On Tuesday, May 17, 2022 we celebrated a special event – the 30th anniversary of the Voice of Kinneret (106FM) radio station. This unique and exciting community event was the culmination of the wonderful shared work of the Department of Communication, the radio staff, and the broadcasters from the community, who have been our partners ever since the station was established.

The event was held on the college lawns, with the participation of veteran and new broadcasters, Department of Communication students, Land of Israel Studies students, and many guests. The event included a panel, in which members of our radio community shared anecdotes and special experiences from their radio life. The “RuKinneret” band, whose members are part of the station, played, and colleagues from the leading radio stations in Israel congratulated us in a touching video.

Kol Kinneret went live 30 years ago, under the auspices of the legendary Kol Yisrael. Over the years, leading radio people broadcasted at the station: Menashe Raz (First Channel broadcaster), Dori Ben-Zeev, Yitzhak Tonik (former commander of the IDF radio station, Galei Tzahal), and many others. At present, the head of the station is Harel Slutzky, and under his leadership – the station is continuing to aspire to connect the community with the college students and personnel. Our connection to the community is manifested in the successful integration of young and adult residents of the area, who have been broadcasting regular programs for many years. The community broadcasters, together with the Department of Communication students and graduates, produce varied magazine programs that deal with communication, current events, culture, and Israeli issues.

Another aspect that emphasizes our link to the community is the “tractor-radio” mobile unit, which was designed by the students (under the guidance of Prof. Didi Linn, as part of the “Social Product Design” course). The mobile unit allows students to broadcast from events at the college and community events that take place outside the college.

You are invited to listen to our radio station on 106FM and on streaming sites.

See you on our 40th anniversary!

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