External Studies

The External Studies Department at Kinneret Academic College is a dynamic, constantly-developing unit that is attentive to change trends in the market and the region. The supply of courses and study programs is always changing to accommodate both the accrediting bodies and the reality, knowledge and experience we accumulate.

Over the past two years, despite the COVID pandemic, the unit has continued to grow. New courses were built and marketed (for example, standards stamp, certified electrician, digital marketing, tourism and hospitality administration, full stack, and more), new collaborations were formed (for example, with AllJobs, Hever, and more), existing collaborations were expanded (with employment bureaus, industrial companies, and local councils), and – the spearhead – a Hi-tech School was established, and has become one of the unit’s leading departments. The Hi-tech School is developing and growing, and we will be opening its third year with a variety of courses.

We are also developing our international programs. About a year ago, we won a tender issued by the Foreign Ministry to operate one of five agricultural training centers for international students. This year we have 350 residents from Malawi, Rwanda and Botswana. In the coming academic year, we expect to host 400 agriculture students, who come to Israel for a period of 11 months. They study one day a week at the college and the Zemach experimental farm, and for five days a week they specialize at leading agricultural farms for practical experience and training.

Additional international training programs are currently under development.

Our growth and the changes in the unit’s activity have led to personnel changes – the team has grown, job definitions were revised, and areas of responsibility were adapted.

The unit continues to forge forward with vigor on all channels, in hope to continue to rise upwards.

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