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    B.Sc Software Engineering

    Software Engineering at the Kinneret Academic College – Your Ticket into High-Tech

    A software engineering degree from Kinneret Academic College is your path to ensuring you choose a practical and worthwhile profession, and develop a career in demand with especially high beginning salaries – that will only increase. Regardless of whether you want to work in programming or other software fields, this degree will open doors to the prestigious and rewarding world of high-tech.

    Why Choose a Degree in Software Engineering?

    Expand Your Horizons for a Meaningful Career

    The bachelor’s degree program in software engineering prepares its graduates for a long-term career in the wide range of software engineering fields, with a system-wide perspective and an affinity with industry. The degree does not only train its graduates to be “programmers”, but rather provides wide ranging knowledge and skills in theoretical and practical subjects related to the profession, and as such prepares them for a varied and ambitious career in which the sky is the limit. While software ultimately focuses on computer programs and applications, a broad perspective of the entire system is needed, requiring understanding and knowledge on subjects such as communication, operating systems, databases, artificial intelligence, system architecture and management.

    Up-to-date Specializations

    In the second part of their studies students select one of two specialization tracks: data sciences or computer-embedded systems and real-time, with each specialization training students for an especially relevant and in-demand field with a view towards the current needs of the high-tech world.

    An In-Demand Field

    All industrial fields significantly depend on software, which is why the range of opportunities and positions is huge, and the demand for software engineers continues to grow. Software engineers with an academic degree are preferred by most employers and enjoy rapid advancement – both professional and managerial.

    How Will the Degree Contribute to My Professional Advancement?

    Industrial Affinity

    Industry expects graduates to have experience, not only knowledge. Studies in the software engineering program emphasize practical experience, from projects conducted during the program through the final industrial project. Most students find student jobs in industry already in their last two years in the program.

    Why Study at Kinneret Academic College?


    At Kinneret Academic College we acknowledge the student’s decision and commitment to pursue academic studies. This is why we developed PERSONAL ACADEMY, a personal and innovative study environment that enables you to get more out of your studies and accompanies you personally until you receive the degree.
    PERSONAL ACADEMY includes individual meetings with lecturers, a personalized program tailored to your abilities and aspirations, small classes, studies at your pace, and a green and experiential campus on the shores of the Kinneret.

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