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B.Sc. in Software Engineering

Software is one of the most significant core technologies in Israeli industry, spanning a wide scope and range of topics, from tiny personal equipment to huge worldwide installations. As such, the demand for suitably educated software engineers is constantly growing. Software engineers are expected to play a major role, in cooperation with other engineering disciplines, in the successful development of “Software-Intensive Systems”. In addition, Israeli software engineers have good prospects for fast promotion to higher technical and executive positions.

The B.Sc. in Software Engineering program at Kinneret College on the Sea of Galilee raises computer sciences and software technology to the level of a well-established engineering discipline, enabling its graduates to participate in defining, analyzing, designing, constructing and verifying Software-Intensive Systems, as well as in conducting and managing their development and maintenance. This is achieved by means of a “system view” approach, through unique software engineering courses, by industry-oriented lecturers with hands-on experience and by the early involvement of students in actual industrial projects. The curriculum is based on successful national and international software engineering programs, as well as on a globally recognized body of knowledge. The Software Engineering Department provides its graduates with all their requirements, not only to start a career, but also to make rapid progress in their chosen profession.

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