General Information:

Every student is required to read the below procedures when registering for a course / courses and is responsible for being informed about changes.

The College Management reserves the right to update changes relating to the published rules and regulations without notice.


These regulations will be published on the College website and in the written financial commitment in the student portal cluster 3, the regulations will also be sent through the mail together with a voucher, and tuition payment forms.

Privacy Policy

In light of the provisions of the Protection of Privacy Law, 1981, with regard to tuition fees, the College’s management may transfer such information to a student and only to the student, and the transfer of such information to the student’s relatives, even if they are a spouse, parent, sibling or other relatives is prohibited (all subject to and in accordance with the provisions of the Law and / or any law).

Transfer of such information to the student later, shall be permitted in accordance with the provisions of the Law and/ or any law and/ or if a duly signed power of attorney by the student is presented to the Department of Tuition fees.

The website is secure for payment with a credit card using the PCI DSS regulations.

General Instructions:

The basic tuition fees for the 2021-2022 Academic year was determined according to the July 2021 index, which will be published on 16/8/2021.

This index constitutes the basis for the tuition fees calculation, which is composed of basic tuition plus linkage to the index.

Information Service- Student Portal

The college may block a student’s access to information due to non-payments to the college.

A student who has tuition fees/ dormitories / installments/ other payments balance will be denied access to their personal portal and to the moodle. In addition, a student will not be eligible to receive an exam card and/ or receive any other official documentation from the institution. (account Page, tuition fee confirmation, grade confirmation, completion of degree approval, and etc.)

Approval to sit for an exam

A student who has resolved all of his/ her obligations, will be eligible to print an approval to be tested from their personal portal.

Eligibility to receive a Degree

After receiving all grades, the student is responsible for submitting a request for entitlement to a degree, the conditions for approval of eligibility is the removal of all financial obligations to the college related to all matters throughout the course of the students’ studies.

Tuition Fee components for a Master’s Degree

  • According to the announcement of the Council for Higher Education on 17.08.2021, the tuition fee for full-time MA students for the 2021-2022 Academic year is NIS 14,042 (linked to the index of July 2021)
  • Tuition fees for M.A. students at Kinneret Academic College for the 2021-2022 Academic year will be in accordance to
  • International Students (not a resident of Israel) will have an additional 25% on top of the said sum- NIS 17,553 (linked to the index of July 2021)
  • Tuition fees for Master’s Degree are similar for a track with a Thesis and a track without a Thesis
  • Tuition fees not paid by the student (paid by a place of work, public institution or governmental), will be charged an additional fee of 25%.
  • Tuition fees will not be charged for graduate study courses studied at an accredited educational institution for which an academic exemption was granted by the Status Department.
  • A student who received acknowledgment and an exemption from previous studies for part of a course in a program, calculation of the tuition fees for the student will be applicable for the study program and not less than 50% of the full tuition fees per year.
  • The standard duration of studies for a graduate degree up to the completion of a hearing is two years.
  • A graduate student will pay 200% full tuition during the first two years of his/her studies (100% for each year), regardless of the number of hours listed in his/her degree program.
  • A student who extends his/her studies beyond two years and did not complete the hearing obligation, will pay 50% of the full tuition each additional year regardless of the number of hours listed on his/her study program as well as an overhead rate of 10% of the full tuition and other additional fees. A student who has not completed his/her studies after two academic years or a student who has completed his/her hearing obligations and is not enrolled in the courses who has assignments or exams to complete (even with an academic approval for the delay), will pay 10% of the basic yearly tuition fee and additional fees until the degree entitlement.
  • A graduate student accepted as a student “on condition” and at the same time he/she will be required to study supplemental courses, will pay a supplemental courses fee of 2.5% of the full basic tuition fee for every credit point for graduate studies in the School of Social Sciences and Humanities.


Additional Fees


A student will be charged the following additional fees:


  • Authorized Fee: Welfare Services fee: 150 General Welfare Services: Personal Insurance, SMS service, information service, on campus Wi-Fi internet and message service, opening of library card at no charge, Deanship services: Scholarships and general assistance, learning assistance- tutoring and seminars- payment for this service is optional and payment of these fees can be waived no later than the first day of the academic year and subject to notification by email or in writing to the Tuition Department. The amount to be credited will be deducted from the tuition fees.
  • Authorized Fee: Student Association- 195 NIS: A student will be charged in advance for the student Association in the amount of 195 NIS. A waiver may be signed at the office of the Student Association up until 15.11.2021, after this date, the membership fee will not be refunded. The amount will be deducted from the tuition fees.
  • Mandatory Fee: Security – 380 NIS.
  • Mandatory Fee: Fee to National Student Association representative – 10 NIS.


Approvals and Examination Card

  1. Studies approval- 3 signed copies (at beginning of Academic year)
  2. Degree eligibility approval- 3 signed copies
  3. Study status approval- 25 NIS Fee
  4. Signed Grade Card Hebrew/ English – 25 NIS Fee
  5. For additional requests a student will pay a 25 NIS Fee
  6. Additional approvals will be published at a later date
  7. Tuition fee approval and examination card will be free of charge and will be available in the information portal- Cluster 3 in the student portal.


Payment Arrangements and Dates:

  1. 1st payment- For registration and preparation of the curriculum a tuition fee deposit payment will stand at 3,500 NIS based on the following details: 2,785 NIS – Tuition fee for a Bachelor’s Degree, 380 NIS – Security fee, 150 NIS – welfare services, 195 NIS – Student Association, 10 NIS – To National Student Association representative.
  2. Full payment of Tuition Fees- A graduate student who wishes to pay the full tuition fee can go to the Tuition Department to receive a payment voucher and pay by 17/10/2021 and will be eligible for a 2.5% discount rate. (The discount does not include the additional payment fees)
  3. Payment of Tuition fee balance through automatic debit from a bank account- 6 equal payments linked to the consumer price index will be deducted on the 16th of every month between the months of November 2021- April 2022.
  4. Payment of Tuition fee balance through automatic debit with a credit card – 6 equal payments linked to the consumer price index will be deducted on the 16th of every month between the months of November 2021- April 2022.


  1. Released solders will have the option to pay a deposit fee and the tuition fee through their personal savings plan, subject to the absorption of released solders law and by presenting an approved recognized banking institution certificate, issued to the student by the Tuition Department.

Refund of fees for termination of studies or cancellation of registration:

A student who decides to terminate his/her studies, will notify in writing the department office, by filling out forms informing about the termination of studies.

No notice of termination of studies will be processed when done by word of mouth or by telephone. Refund of payment will be processed only after Semester A has completed. In case of a returned deposit, the funds will be refunded directly to the bank in which the student has his/her savings, and not directly to the student.



Cancellation and/or Termination of Studies Student without a curriculum Student with a curriculum


No later than 30.9.2021 Full deposit refund


Full deposit refund


No later than 15.10.2021 Half of deposit refund


Half of deposit refund


Between the Dates:


Full payment- without a refund


Full payment- without a refund


Between the Dates:


  Will be charged 40% of the Full tuition fees* Including additional fees, or first full payment whichever is higher
Between the Dates:


  Will be charged 60% of the Full tuition fees* Including additional fees, or first full payment whichever is higher
From: 17.1.2022   Will be charged Full Tuition fees* Including additional fees, even if he/she has studied or not.


  • * There may be changes in the dates based on the publication of the academic schedule for the 2021-2022 Academic year.



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