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    B.A. in Land of Israel Studies

    The department of Land of Israel Studies offers undergraduate and postgraduate programs in regional studies of the Land of Israel/Palestine while exploring its human and natural landscape – past and present.

    The disciplines that comprise our programs include geography, ecology, history, archaeology and anthropology. Although it focuses on the study of Northern Israel, our program also covers other regions through regional courses and field studies.

    Our department cooperates with several universities in the USA and Europe, and maintains contacts with nature and heritage associations, such as the Israel Antiquities Authority, the Israel Nature and Parks Authority, the Society for the Protection of Nature in Israel, and the Society for Preservation of Israel Heritage Sites.

    Our faculty members include Prof. Haim Ben-David, Dr. Moti Aviam, Dr. Haya Katz, Dr. Ram Buchnik – all distinguished archaeologists; historians Prof. Zeev Drori, Dr. Jacob Ashkenazi, Dr. Giora Goodman, and Dr. Efrat Kantor; geographers Prof. Nimrod Luz, and Dr. Reuven Gafni; and environment researchers Dr. Oded Cohen, Dr. Hadas Reiser and Dr. Dalit Gasul.

    Our goal is to meet our students’ expectations for appropriate academic knowledge and tools that will serve them in their future or present occupations, both as professionals in guidance, teaching and instruction, and as post- graduate students.