Agritech, Watertech, Food-tech, Innovation- The Israeli Experience

Discover the key behind how Israel has overcome challenges in agriculture and water through innovation, technology and the application of R&D.

A unique learning experience at Kinneret Academic College.

The student experience at Kinneret- an immersive experience that showcases the countries highlights alongside the thriving Israeli agricultural ecosystem through hands-on experiences and tours that span across the entire country. Students learn about diverse farming methods and innovative technologies as well as engage with experts in the field of agritech, watertech and food-tech.

Enroll in courses that extend up to 3 months, and depart with a certified diploma from Kinneret Academic College. Our crafted curriculum offers a unique and tailored journey tailored to perfectly align with the preferences and demands of the Chinese market.

We Provide

  • Certificated Diploma of “Kinneret Academic College”
  • Tailor-Made Itinerary
  • Tourism: Visits to Israel’s unique tourist sites: Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, Sea of Galilee, the Dead Sea, and more
  • Expertise: Meetings and classes with experts in the fields of agriculture, watertech, foodtech and innovation and entrepreneurship
  • Full Room and Board: logistics and engaging content

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