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    B.A. in Tourism and Hotel Management

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    Since the middle of the last century, the tourism industry in the world has been developing at a fast pace. This is due to a number of factors: a rise in people’s income, the development of transportation systems, and the increase in leisure time. According to the UNWTO the number of tourists per year in the world has increased from 25 million in the middle of the 20th century, to about 1 billion today.

    Israel has a very high potential for tourism development because of its importance to the three monotheistic religions (Judaism, Christianity, Islam), unique cultural, historical and archeological sites, a variety of climates and landscapes, and a well-developed tourism infrastructure. The Sea of Galilee area, where Kinneret College is located, is one of the leading areas in the country as concerns domestic and incoming tourism development.

    Kinneret College on the Sea of Galilee has established a unique curriculum for a B.A. degree in Tourism and Hotel Management. This program is the first of its kind in Israel, and its main aim is to provide excellent academic studies and training in the fields of tourism and hotel management, planning, marketing and operations.

    Assuring a high professional level of coming generations of managers and leaders in the industry requires academic studies in tracks such as the we offer in the program of Tourism and Hotel Management at Kinneret College.

    Our location on the shores of the Sea of Galilee, in the heart of an important area for both pilgrimage and domestic tourism, allows us to combine our program with tourism trips in the field, an internship program in tourism attractions and hotels, and employment opportunities in tourism even during studies. All these are enveloped in the supportive atmosphere of a young, dynamic academic college, which has been marked in recent years by constant growth in the number of students attending and in its physical facilities, including beautiful new structures for studies.

    We see this department as a symbol of the important connection between a regional college and the peripheral area of the country in which it is located, as we develop the infrastructure for a productive economic branch – tourism and hotels. The Tourism and Hotel Management Department of Kinneret College trains future generations of managers in tourism and hotels. Many of our graduates develop middle- and senior-management careers in tourism and the hotel industry.

    Our faculty members include some of the best academics and professionals in the fields of tourism in Israel. Their academic background is in tourism and hotel management, business administration, geography, sociology and psychology. They are very experienced in teaching, research and in tourism consulting. In addition, we use the services of tourism and hospitality professionals, who contribute to the students in the relevant practical aspects.

    Faculty Members

    Prof. Alon Gelbman (PhD, University of Liverpool, UK):

    Head of department. Specializes in cultural geography and tourism, urban and rural tourism, tourism and peace, and international tourism.

    Dr. Hezi Israeli (DSc, Technion – Israel Institute of Technology, Israel)

    specializes in tourism planning and development and in transportation, and heads the internship program.

    Dr. Dalit Gasol (PhD, Haifa University, Israel)

    specializes in planning and development of sustainable tourism and in the relations between tourism, environment & communities.

    Dr. Eran Ketter (PhD, Haifa University, Israel)

    specializes in tourism planning, management and marketing.

    Professional Lecturers

    Dr. Nathan Tirosh (Management); Dr. Yaki Ashkenazi (History and Religions); Dr. Uzi Freund Feinstein (Transportation and Service Quality); Mr. Roni Klein (Food and Hospitality); Mr. Pedro Zoniga (Hotel Management); Mr. Ronen Shay (Hotel Management); Mr. Guy Raveh (Tourism Operation); Mr. Meron Doctori (Geography and History).