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    Department Head’s Address

    The Department of Communication Studies, of Kinneret College on the Sea of Galilee has set out to provide a dynamic and innovative study experience based on curricula that offer academic excellence as well as professional excellence. The department’s uniqueness lies in the fusion of knowledge and awareness of issues relating to society, the environment and the community while specializing in communication studies that are relevant for the 21st century.

    One of the department’s principal objectives is to train our students to achieve a high level of performance in the communication employment and operational systems. Students are provided with a practical toolbox, in addition to theoretical studies and developing research abilities for the purpose of expanding their understanding, knowledge and information in areas relating to society, technology and culture of the changing world of communications.

    The studies are based on advanced methods, and incorporate areas of new media, press, TV, radio, cinema, public relations spokesperson’s work, advertising, marketing and image, and production. Every student is offered an opportunity to gain practical experience in each of these fields. The curriculum includes theory classes, seminars and practical workshops. The studies incorporate conferences, events, joint projects and encounters with professional bodies in the communications industry.

    The department’s lecturer staff includes leading lecturers in their fields and communications experts with practical experience, who also engage in teaching, academic research and developing the communications industry. We offer our students a fruitful study environment based on individual mentoring and support in all areas, in the unique tranquil ambiance of the Sea of Galilee shores, with a backdrop of the Jordan Valley hills.

    I invite the students to join us, and to enjoy the excellent quality of the members of the academic and professional staff, the range of courses in our program, our convivial ambiance, and the colorful and special atmosphere of the department’s students.

    I wish you all a successful and fruitful school year.

    Best wishes

    Prof. Hillel Nossek

    Head, Department of Communication Studies