M.A. in Tourism and Hotel Management

Kinneret Academic College is an institute of higher academic education that offers Bachelor of Art (B.A.) and Master of Art (M.A.) degree programs. The college was founded in 1967 under the name Regional Jordan Valley College. A year later the first academic program was established as a branch of Bar Ilan University, which was recognized in 1972 by the Israeli Council for Higher Education (CHE). In 2004, the college was recognized by the CHE as an independent institute of higher education, and received a certificate of recognition from former Israeli President Mr. Shimon Peres. Since then, independent academic programs in various areas have been presented.

Kinneret Academic College is located on the shore of the famous Sea of Galilee. It faces the view of the sea surrounded by the mountains. This place is the cradle of the long history of humanity, hewn into the stone, the vegetation and the lofty annals of local history. It is the birthplace of the first Kibbutz, the place where Christianity took its first steps, and an important meeting point of monotheistic religions, cultures and philosophies, whose influence embraces the whole of humankind. Against a backdrop of a pioneering spirit, which forged pathways in the valley, inspired by its natural and social environment, this institute of higher education is dedicated to nurturing excellence, providing a solution for the needs of society, and providing high-quality service and studies to anyone who enters its gates.

Kinneret Academic College offers a wide range of Bachelor’s degree academic programs. The School of Engineering offers B.Sc. degrees in the following fields: Electrical & Electronics Engineering, Quality and Reliability Engineering, Software Engineering, Water Industry Engineering, and Energy Engineering – Oil and Gas. The School of Social Sciences and Humanities offers B.A. degrees in the following fields: Tourism and Hotel Management, Communication, Behavioral Sciences, Land of Israel Studies, Human Recourses Management, Education and Community, and Interdisciplinary Studies.

M.A. programs were presented in Tourism and Hotel Management, and Land of Israel Studies. Other M.A. programs are forthcoming as well.

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