Interested in studying at the Kinneret Academic College?

    Greetings from Head of Department


    I invite you to join the English-language international MA program in Tourism and Hotel Management at Kinneret Academic College. The program strives to combine academic excellence with practical tools and skills, in order to prepare future generations of senior managers in the tourism and hotel industry.

    Many of our alumni have already developed rewarding career paths in this exciting industry, one that provides many promotion opportunities in Israel and beyond.

    The tourism industry, particularly domestic tourism, is quickly recuperating, seeking qualified and skilled employees to take part in this transforming and growing industry for which crises also create innovative opportunities.

    The Department is located on the beautiful southern shores of the Sea of Galilee, which is the center of a unique and important tourist region. The program includes lectures, seminars, workshops, fieldtrip excursions, taught by leading faculty, and experts in their fields, in small and diverse groups. The program offers an exceptional and enjoyable experience with the potential for an exciting and engaging career.

    We would be pleased to see you on campus with us – our door is always open!


    Dr. Hila Zaban
    Head of Department
    Tourism and Hotel Management