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Ravid Levy

The Water Innovation Community was established in early 2021 and is part of a network of innovation communities supported by the Ministry of Economy, the Water Authority, and the Innovation Authority. Kinneret Academic College was chosen to lead the water innovation community in part to due to the many years of activity in the Department of Water Industry Engineering, which has trained hundreds of engineers, who have integrated into the Israeli market, has initiated and managed the “Kinneret Conference on Technology, Projects and Applied Research in Water Engineering”, and broad and in-depth knowledge including continued cooperation with Israeli and global industry.


The goals of the community are to increase existing knowledge in the field, improve cooperation between the various players in the field: start-ups, established industrial companies, planning companies, engineering and projects, water corporations, equipment suppliers, academic bodies, NGOs and more, as well as to identify and create significant opportunities for community members, and assist in their promotion. The community strives to be involved in change processes in the water industry, attracting foreign investment, and increasing Israeli exports.


We spoke with Ravid Levy, who was recently appointed to lead the water community, and he shared with us his plans and vision for the community:


The community was established in early 2021 under a joint initiative by the Israeli Ministry of Economy, the Innovation Authority and the Water Authority, and operates as part of Kinneret Academic College.

WaterEdge.IL aims is to coordinate and advance interconnections between the various players and stakeholders in the Israeli water ecosystem (academics, startups, companies, utilities, NGO’s, governmental agencies, etc.), and to actively promote innovation and its adoption for the benefit of the local water sector and towards the global market.

Israel has been facing many water challenges for decades, and has created a unique water ecosystem and industry that developed unique methods and technologies. Together with the Israeli “Startup Nation Spirit”, we have plenty of knowhow and experience to share with the global water community that faces similar challenges. At the same time, we also have a lot to learn from the experience of others. At WaterEdge.IL we will work towards connecting the dots and sharing such knowhow both internally in Israel and internationally

I am honored and excited to begin my new role as Senior Director of the Israeli water innovation community – WaterEdge.IL


The main water community event in 2021 will be “Israel Water Week

Water Week is a new annual event, initiated and managed by the Israeli water community, which unites a variety of professional events aimed at connecting the community, while also promoting innovation and sharing knowledge for the benefit of the local water economy and the water and wastewater industry.

The vision of Israeli Water Week is to be a central annual meeting for the water community, and a platform to present the State of Israel as a world leader of innovation in the fields of water and the environment, similar to comparable events around the world.

Main events at Water Week 2021:

  1. The Kinneret Innovation Hackathon – November 25-26th  

This will be the third year of the Kinneret Innovation Hackathon for Israeli industry. This year’s hackathon will focus on water technologies, and will be held in collaboration with the Water Community, Kibbutz Industry Association, Kinneret Innovation Center, and Zemach Industries. The event will be attended by about 150 participants, mentors, judges and experts: leading companies from the Israeli water industry, startups and entrepreneurs, military personnel from technology units, researchers, academics, students, and field experts.

  1. The 7th Kinneret Conference for Water Engineering & Innovation in memory of the late Prof. Noah Galil – A professional conference & exhibition– December 8th  

This large annual Water Community event will expand and deepen knowledge among engineers and professionals in the field of water.

The conference will cover engineering, projects and applied research, and will provide an opportunity for organizations, researchers and academics to present unique projects and / or innovative technological developments, case studies, and applied research in the field of water and wastewater engineering. The conference will include two sessions presenting on topics: water and wastewater treatment technologies, and physical and digital infrastructure for water and wastewater management.

Alongside the conference, water and wastewater organizations will exhibit equipment and technologies to conference participants.

  1. Employment Fair – December 8th  

Organizations from the field of water will present employment and career opportunities to students and other professionals. The fair will be attended by students from various academic institutions studying in faculties of water, environment, machinery, software, electronics and more, who will be able to meet with representatives in a festive atmosphere. The purpose of the event is to promote and recruit quality professionals into the water industry in a variety of engineering fields, while emphasizing the human and professional diversity of the field in Israel.


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