Overview of student industry projects completed during the 2019-2020 academic year in the

Department of Quality and Reliability Engineering – Department Head Dr. Shalhevet Zur

Over the previous academic year, 13 students, who have since graduated, submitted their graduation projects, carried out in diverse organizations in industry and service. Their projects included:

Two projects were carried out at Keter Plastic in Karmiel and Alon Hatavor, focusing on improving production processes and reducing waste. Four projects were carried out at Rafael, focusing on various issues of reducing production depreciation and connection with suppliers.

Two final projects were carried out in companies that manufacture medical equipment regarding the detection of failures in manufacturing processes and the reliability of various systems integrated in a final product (infusion pumps and electronic cards).

At Mekorot, a project was carried out to improve the quality of water monitoring system in the drainage basin waterway, while developing a plan for integrating an online multi-channel spectral device.

In a factory that produces rubber products for the defense industry, a project was carried out to test the effectiveness of work certification in accordance with the AS9100D standard for aviation and aerospace defense industries.

At the Israel Electric Company, a project for developing a safety management plan was carried out through analysis data taken from safety incidents.

At the “Holy Family” hospital in Nazareth, a project was carried out to examine the connection between work environment, satisfaction and burnout, and absences from work of nurses employed in the in-patient wards.

A project at a shipping company was carried out to examine factors that affect employee satisfaction, and developing a plan for improvement.

Combining experience in high-tech activities with engineering studies – Development Division, KIC-Development, Kinneret Innovation Center

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Dr. Yael Dubinsky, Head of Software Engineering Department

The Kinneret Innovation Center has established a research and development division, which integrates software engineering undergraduate students from Kinneret Academic College into hi-tech activities for customers. The division integrates students into development teams that include engineering, industry and academic experts providing end-to-end solutions for management, software design and development, and software data projects.

Software engineering students apply the knowledge they acquired in academia to hi-tech activities, and thus experience quality employment. At the same time, students are developing advanced, innovative and sustainable solutions for Israeli high-tech. Moreover, the project exposes local industry to a variety of high-tech and innovative solutions, among the most advanced in Israel.

The purpose of the development division is twofold – to increase the hi-tech activity of the region, and to provide a hi-tech foundation that allows students to experiment, and provides places of employment for engineering alumni and for executive professionals from the area.

Combining experience in hi-tech activities with engineering studies enables:

  • Experiencing a project environment with clients of the division;
  • Experiencing activities in a development team that includes senior developers and managers;
  • Using technologies and acquiring skills during studies in a hi-tech project environment;
  • Graduating with experience in hi-tech projects.


There is great significance in integrating hi-tech and academia in the Kinneret region:

  • Increases student exposure to the growing high-tech industry in the Kinneret region;
  • Increases the number of software development projects, smart systems, data systems development and analytics projects carried out in the Kinneret region;
  • Increases the number of graduates who remain in the Kinneret region and establish startups, and / or work in high-tech locally.

Project target audience: Software Engineering and School of Engineering students.

Currently, the division has contacts with a number of organizations in Israel, through which students participate in and experience hi-tech activities.

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