About The Community:

WaterEdge.IL, the Israeli Water Innovation Community was established in early 2021 by the Israeli Ministry of Economy, the Water Authority, and the Innovation Authority as part of a network of innovation communities in various fields. Kinneret Academic College was chosen to lead the water community thanks to the many years of activity of the Water Industries Engineering Department and Kinneret Innovation Center in fostering water innovation both locally and globally.
We work to share knowledge and improve cooperation between various players in the field including start-ups, established companies, design, and consulting firms, water utilities, equipment suppliers, etc., as well as identify and promote significant opportunities for community members. The community strives to be involved in change processes in the water industry, attract foreign investment and increase Israel’s position as a global water innovation leader.
The Community will hold a series of professional and business meetings for community members and will organize professional seminars and conferences as well as Hackathons and other innovation activities.

WaterEdge.IL team

  • מר Fouad Taya

    Community Projects Manager

  • מר Gal Catz

    Community Events and Media

  • מר Ravid Levy

    Community Director


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