Our Values and goals

  • Deepening cooperation and transferring knowledge between parts of the Israeli water ecosystem (industry, academia, government, local authorities, NGOs)
  • Encouragement and promotion of Israeli innovation and its implementation in the Israeli water sector
  • Promoting the Israeli water industry in front of world markets and branding Israel as a powerhouse of water innovation
  • Cultivating professional knowledge and diversifying human resources in the Israeli water industry
  • Connecting the water sector to Israel’s environmental and climate goals

WaterEdge.IL team

Ravid Levy

WaterEdge.IL Innovation Community Director
Holds a Bs.C at the Hebrew University and Ms.C from Tel Aviv University in Biology and Environmental Sciences. Ravid has about 20 years of experience in a variety of technological and commercial positions in companies that provide solutions for water and wastewater treatment.
His vision for the water innovation community is to promote fruitful and beneficial connections between bodies and individuals from various fields of industry-academia, startups, established companies, water authorities, and government bodies – to establish and encourage Israeli innovation in the water sector. Ravid believes that Israel should and can continue to lead in water innovation, which will first be implemented and serve the local water economy, and later conquer the world.
Contact: ravid@mx.kinneret.ac.il

מאיה דקל אברמוביץ'

Maya Dekel- Avramovich

WaterEdge.IL Project Manager.
Maya holds a bachelor’s degree in Water Industry Engineering from Kinneret College and has experience in the Israeli water sector.
Maya sees The State of Israel as a known world leader in the various fields of water and thinks that the WaterEdge.IL community is designed to preserve this degree and take it one step further. “It is known all over the world that there is nothing like the Israeli brain, and in the field of water we have already proven this.” She claims.
Maya believes that by creating collaborations between the various companies traditional and new), between different funding opportunities in Israel and around the world, and by connecting academia to the water community and diverse government institutions, the water sector will continue to be productive in Israel and around the world.
Contact: maya.dekel@mx.kinneret.ac.il

Lior Botzer

WaterEdge.IL Marketing and events coordinator.
Lior believes that one of our most important tasks as a community is to be able to make what is happening in Israel and around the world accessible to members of the WaterEdge.IL community. “There are many opportunities for making connections and collaborations organically and it is our job to inform the members of the community and centralize for them the opportunities to promote themselves in the various areas of water” she claims. As part of her role as a marketing coordinator, she advertises the various options for the community in the digital tools available to us.
Beyond that, Lior believes that the community should initiate a dialogue that will promote the Israeli water sector in all areas – innovation, employment, climate commitment, and more. By identifying gaps, and complexities we can produce a dialogue that will lead to action.
Contact: lior.botzer@mx.kinneret.ac.il

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