Galilium- Regional Partnership for Science and Technology

Galilium is a regional partnership – of the Eastern Galilee cluster, and Zefat, Tel Hai and Kinneret colleges – for the promotion of scientific-technological education.

Our mission is to foster equal opportunities and development for all the children of the region through promoting excellence and scientific-technological education.

Some programs are shared by the entire region (such as final papers, medicinal herbs, and odyssey), while others are unique to the various centers, dependent on their location and academic disciplines.

As Kinneret Academic College is located on the shores of the Sea of Galilee, and has a School of Engineering, our main topics at the center are water and technology. Our activities take place at the schools, at the Sea of Galilee, and at the college labs.

In addition to the programs that we have been running for years (such as online bioresearch, enrichment days on various topics, tours of the Sea of Galilee, and more), we have opened three new programs this year:

  • Scientific Reserve – “Agrotech” three-year program for seventh- to ninth-grade students, in cooperation with the education department of the Jordan Valley Regional Council and Zemach Experiments.

This year, 30 seventh-grade youngsters from five schools in the Jordan Valley joined the program to study agriculture, technology and sciences. The program includes meetings with key places and researchers in various fields. In the future, the pupils will develop a technological product that can assist farmers in their work.

  • The “Back to the Water Sources” program – in cooperation with KKL-JNF, Drainage and Streams Authority, Israel Oceanographic and Limnological Research, Golan Regional Council, and Majdal Shams Local Council – is operating in five groups in the Golan Heights. The goal is to investigate a water source close to the school and, with the accumulated knowledge, lead a meaningful activity in the community.
  • The “Madarom” program in collaboration with the Ministry of Education: Middle school pupils from Nof Hagalil and Kafr Kanna learn about natural cosmetics products made with etheric oils, and independently develop a new product.

We are pleased with the connection to the college and cherish it, and see this relationship as a wonderful opportunity to cultivate the children’s sense of community and academic efficacy.

We would like to take this opportunity to wish Dr. Liora Glass Alon success in her new job, and to thank her for all her years as Director of the Academic Center for Youth at Kinneret College.

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