About the Academic Center for Youth

The Kinneret Academic Center for Youth, an operational arm of Galilium (The Eastern Galilee Cluster for science and technology education) was established in the aim of developing and operating unique programs to strengthen the potential of children in the Golan Heights, round-the-Kinneret and the valleys, and to significantly increase the number of pupils that apply to, are accepted and succeed in their studies in higher education institutions, with an emphasis on science faculties. The Center offers comprehensive support, from preschool through the end of high school, based on a range of activities for children, pupils, teachers and laboratory technicians. The Center’s work is carried out in coordination and cooperation with the education systems in the area, defining needs and selecting activity and assessment approaches. The Center believes in fostering a regional vision while also providing a unique local response to schools. The Center’s activity focuses on continuous updating and on tailoring its offering to changing needs while providing a broad community solution.

Goals of the Academic Center for Youth

  • Increase the connection to science and technology (from primary school through high school).
  • Cultivate excellence.
  • Increase the number of school children who choose and continue their science and technology studies at a 5-unit matriculation level from 10th
  • Increase the number of school students who write 5-unit level final papers in science and technology as part of the matriculation exams.
  • Professional advancement of science teachers and laboratory technicians.
  • Establish a system of cooperation between schools and the college.
  • Increase the number of girls studying the sciences.


Courses of Action

The Center operates several programs to advance its goals: scientific enrichment days, science clubs in junior high schools, science excellence programs, 5-unit level final papers and teacher training programs. The activities are based on advanced laboratory infrastructures, with the Faculty of Science academic faculty and science teaching personnel leading the development of unique programs, with an emphasis on active experiential experiences and developing thinking skills. In order to create awareness about the academic scientific activity of the youth participating in the Center’s programs, the Center conducts high-profile community events that engage parents, additional students from schools and the broader community. The youth who take part in the different programs play an active and significant role in these events by presenting the outputs of their projects. Emphasis is also placed on including tours to relevant sites and museums in the area with a view to creating a bond to the area.

Target Audience

The programs target children from kindergarten through 12th grade as well as science teachers and laboratory technicians. The program is designed for Jewish, Arab, Druze and Bedouin pupils.

The Kinneret Academic Center for Youth – Staff

Dr. Liora Glas-Alon – Branch Manager – 04-6653630 liora@kinneret.ac.il

Manal Heib – Research Coordinator – 04-6653764 – manal@kinneret.ac.il

Tina Hako – Administrative Coordinator |  Office:  046653685 Fax: 0775653685  |  email: tinah@kinneret.ac.il

Ruti Harel – Enrichment and Excellence Coordinator – 04-6653657 rutih@kinneret.ac.il

Jaqueline Heib – Laboratory Technician – 04-6653764 jacqeline@kinneret.ac.il

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