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    B.A. in Education and Community

    The Education and Community B.A. degree focuses primarily on informal learning and instruction, and on the synergy that exists between the formal and informal learning continuum. Informal learning explicates mechanisms of learning that organically occur outside the realm of traditional instructor-led programs. Informal learning occurs in the community, where individuals have opportunities to observe and participate in social activities.

    This new curriculum puts a premium on adaptability to the emerging requirements of present society. As such, its main objective is equipping students with updated instructional practices that integrate knowledge with personal transferable skills. The curriculum uses authentic educational contexts, placed inside and outside educational establishments.

    In addition, the program develops a practical orientation and conveys the principles of professional tools for filling roles in the community educational and cultural administrations, community centers, NPOs that operate in the cultural, social and cultural sectors of the community, and in other frameworks of social activity in the community. This works in two directions: activity with children and youth, and the development, operation and management of educational and cultural ventures in the community.

    The unique multicultural environment of Kinneret College is central for the purposes of this curriculum. Our peripheral location includes different cultural groups, such as Jews, Muslims, Druze and Christians. Consequently, our students have ample opportunity to participate in cultural and social organizations in different communities, and to experience real dialogues across cultural differences.