Kinneret academic library 2020-2022

Libraries are long-standing institutions. Libraries were the core of knowledge for thousands of years, ever since the days of Egypt, Greece and Jerusalem. Over the years, the library has experienced many physical and organizational changes.

The Robert Sklar library in the Kinneret  serves the academic staff and students of Kinneret Academic College for purposes of teaching and research. The library’s goal is to always be one step ahead in the fields of service, information systems, and technology. As such, we have a high-quality professional staff alongside a sophisticated information system.

The library serves as a place to study and think in. It appeals to its varied users, and tries to be attractive, up-to-date, and relevant in both services and content, and operates as an information and learning center.

The library’s role is to provide information resources for learning and research through the website, reference desk, and other forms of assistance. The library staff guides groups and provides individual help in a variety of ways.

The academic library, is a diverse learning space. The shelves hold hard-copy books and journals. The open spaces offer tables, chairs and armchairs for individual or group learning. The library also provides access to online books and articles that can be accessed digitally from anywhere.

Changes in the academic library often occur slowly and methodically, in response to new technologies or the users’ needs. The most recent change was very quick – in March 2020, the world shut down. The first lockdown had started, students and lecturers stayed home because the campus was off limits, and the library had to reinvent itself.

The library staff realized that swift adaptations had to me made – to turn the physical space into a virtual space, and to act quickly in order to provide access to the many materials that students needed for their mid-term exams and papers. During the COVID pandemic, it became clear that the library staff successfully managed to provide service and support as a result of their professionalism and efficiency.

The varied forms of use in the library were a great help at that time. The library’s flexibility was manifested not only by its physical structure, but also by the library staff, which was able to adapt to the situation, and to provide access to study materials according to the conditions, abilities, needs, and the law.

The opening of the 2021-22 academic year was a turning point– the campus had come back to life. Most of the teaching took place at the campus, although some courses were taught online, using our distance learning technology.

צילום סמדי מלמד
Photograph: Smadi Melamed
הספרייה במכללת כנרת 2020-2022 -צילום סמדי מלמד
Photograph: Smadi Melamed

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