Interested in studying at the Kinneret Academic College?

    B.A. in Multidisciplinary Studies

    The Department of Multidisciplinary Studies seeks to impart extensive, in-depth and practical knowledge in a wide range of different areas, and thereby to provide students with the tools they need to cope with the challenges of the 21st century.

    The needs of the Galilee region and Israeli market are complex and, as such, the department’s study program incorporates academic content with an applied orientation, touching upon all spheres of Israeli society. This means that the program is tailored to present-day realities and to encouraging multi-cultural competence and needs, especially in the north of Israel.

    The Department of Multidisciplinary Studies comprises of Six Units:

    • Economics
    • Psychology
    • Criminology
    • Education and family
    • Organization and Human Resources
    • Israel Studies

    In the first year, the students learn introductory courses from all the fields of study and are thus exposed to wide-ranging and enriching knowledge. Then, the students focus on four out of the six units, according to their areas of interest and choice. Each unit includes theoretical and practical courses, some compulsory and some elective.