Kinneret Institute for Bullying Studies

Academic chairman: Prof. Amos Rolider

Head researcher: Dr. Meyran Boniel-Nissim

The Institute for Research on the Protection of Children was created in order to meet a genuine need in a reality in which bullying phenomena are rife among children. Research in the field indicates that children and youth are particularly sensitive to acts of bullying which take place in their social – physical and virtual – environment, which have a formative influence on the chances of them becoming a bullying or victim adult. Examination of data on the situation in Israel reveals a very difficult picture which makes it impossible to remain silent and without providing a specific response. There is currently no party in Israel which is responsible for overseeing the area in a sustained, objective, scientific and professional manner, for the purpose of providing objective research data and tools for intervention in the phenomenon of bullying among children in Israel.

As such, the Kinneret Institute for Bullying Studies is working to provide objective information, and to disseminate it at conferences and seminars which combine academia with fieldwork, and by providing private and institutionalized parties with tangible – research-based – tools. The institute serves as a focus of research and practical work by creating a standard mark for protection of children which will make it possible to assess environments objectively, and to provide tools for improvement and change. These include forming an integrative intervention model based on a program which has been tested and tailored for national needs, holding an annual conference which combines academia with work in the field to devise common study and activity, and advising private and institutionalized parties.

The institute has been working tirelessly to this end, and has arranged two scientific conferences which generated significant media interest, as well as resonating in the scientific and professional communities. The third conference is currently being put together.

In addition, a survey designed to produce an index for protection of children in Israel is conducted annually, in addition to the conference, in order to provide the most up-to-date picture of the current state of affairs. This information is based on literature and the media, as it is the most up-to-date, and was gathered in a reliable way.

The survey figures have provided the basis for scientific papers which are addressed in scientific publications. In addition, the students are involved in the institute’s efforts and assess intervention models for preventing bulling at institutions of education. It is important to note that links were forged with parties in Israel, and around the world, in order to combine efforts to understand the bullying phenomenon and to provide a real and comprehensive solution. Collaborators in Israel include The Red Button, organizations such as the Israel Internet Association, the Ministry of Internal Security and the Israel Anti-Drug Authority etc.

The Kinneret Institute for Bullying Studies is managing to create a unique fabric which incorporates scientific research and also practical work in the field, the academic staff, the students and the actual youth, and work in the periphery in addition to connecting with the general national and international public.

This work addresses an acute national need which demands support in order to save the children of Israel. We invite anyone, for whom this pressing need is important, to join us in developing and stabilizing the Kinneret Institute for Bullying Studies. Possible partnerships include full adoption on the institute’s activities, providing sponsorship for the third conference on the protection of children, arranging a dedicated seminar that will present research work in the field, and more. Naming and public relations possibilities, for various collaborations, will be considered.

For details: Hila Barkan, Director, Department of External Relations, Kinneret College on the Sea of Galilee, on (050) 865-2520 or HYPERLINK “”

The institute operates under the auspices of the Kinneret College on the Sea of Galilee which is a registered NPO, ass. no. 580363786, and has Form 46 donations contribution authority, as required by the tax laws.

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