Interested in studying at the Kinneret Academic College?

    The Kinneret Pre-Academic Preparatory Program – One Step before an Academic Degree

    The Kinneret Pre-Academic Preparatory Program was established more than 30 years ago to open the way to higher education and make it accessible to those who do not meet the admission requirements for academic degrees.

    Moshav and kibbutz members, soldiers who completed their army service, individuals from the Arab society in the Galilee, elderly new immigrants who did not have the opportunity acquire higher education, and young people from the center who want to study in the landscapes and atmosphere of the Jordan Valley on the banks of the Kinneret – all receive the utmost attention and the tools that will enable them to be accepted to academic studies at universities and colleges throughout Israel.

    The pre-academic preparatory program is staffed by skilled and professional teachers who prepare the students and enable them to succeed and reach high achievements in their preparatory program studies and in the final exams, while providing personal attention to each and every student.

    Furthermore, the pre-academic preparatory program also has a study assistance service, provided free of charge. Assistance includes remedial lessons, personal tutoring and an individual mentoring project.

    The Kinneret pre-academic preparatory program operates under the supervision of the Council for Higher Education and in cooperation with the Ministry of Defense Foundation and Unit for Discharged Soldiers, thus enabling preparatory program students to receive study scholarships and living stipends in addition to the deposit funds. The decision to grant a scholarship depends on the students’ socio-economic situation, and is based on uniform criteria.

    We will be glad to see you join the hundreds of pre-academic preparatory program graduates, the students who came to build their professional future at the Kinneret Pre-Academic Preparatory Program.

    Meron Doctori,
    Director, Pre-Academic Preparatory Programs