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B.A. in HR Management

The B.A. degree in Human Resources Management engages in contemporary and advanced management of human resources, which acts as a central factor in any organization. The program is designed to impart extensive, in-depth and practical knowhow in the field of management and organization in the private, business and public sectors. This includes the training of employees who are responsible for handling the welfare of the workers and organizing their working environment.

The study program of the Department of Human Resources Management provides a broad organizational overview, as well as knowledge of the social systems that support both business and public activities. The program incorporates management-organizational knowhow from a range of fields, such as organizational psychology, sociology political science, business management and economics, and provides a theoretical and practical basis for learning about business organizations, service organizations, third sector organizations, entrepreneurship and organizations in the public system.

On the theoretical-research level, the program is designed to contribute to the enrichment and expansion of theoretical and practical knowledge in organizations, in human resources and management. The program graduates will be able to analyse and interpret the reality of organizations, and of the social groups which operate in them, while taking into account their cultural symbols and codes using theoretical and practical tools they acquire during the course of their studies.

In implementation-training terms, the degree program provides the graduates with tools and practical skills. The students acquire knowhow and understanding in the areas of management, organization and human resources.

The Study Program Structure

The study program comprises 120 credits over 3 years.

  • Methodological studies designed to impart fundamental academic and professional skills, and introductory studies in social sciences relating to human resource management studies.
  • Core studies designed to provide a broad theoretical and applied infrastructure on areas of human resource management. The studies include courses such as the Principles of Organizations, Organizational Behavior, Worker Management and Human Resource Development, Absorption, Employee Screening and Assessment. This group also includes general courses needed for management roles, such as work relations, and management ethics.
  • Applied tools – practicum and a study workshop.
  • Elective courses – unique and interesting courses which are important for all areas of management, such as: management information systems, financial reports, organizational politics etc.

Development Directions and Professional Advancement

The graduates of the program will be able to take their place in a wide range of management positions in organizations and institutions, such as human resources managers, general managers, and consultants to local and international organizations, to participate in business entrepreneurship, and private and kibbutz plants, and to engage in human resources development in the public, private and business sectors.

The graduates will also be able to enhance their professionalism and integrate in the field of human resources management and at research institutes.

Program graduates who meet the threshold conditions will also be able to gain entry to advanced degree studies at universities and colleges.

*The degree program is contingent approval by the Council for Higher Education.

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