A Few Words from the Department Head

Dr. Galia Riki

Head of the Behavioral Sciences Department ,

Behavioral Sciences Department, School of Social Sciences and Humanities
B.A. in Human Resource Management

Areas of Expertise


Selected Publications

Galia, R. (2019). Contested Discursive Framing: An Example from a Bank’s Co-optative Collaborative Ventures Model for CSR. Qualitative Sociology Review (in press).

Galia, R. (2018). Traditional Patron or Modern Supporter of Culture and the Arts? The Philanthropy Practices of an Israeli Family Business (1980s). Israel Affairs, 24(5), 848-864.

6. Galia, R. (2016). A Case Study in Self-Construction of Volunteering Employees as a Mechanism of Managerial Control. International Journal of Work Organization and Emotion, 7(4), 316-335. .

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