Interested in studying at the Kinneret Academic College?

    A few words from the Head of Department of Education and Community

    We are delighted that you have expressed an interest in the new Department of Education and Community.

    This is the first B.A. study program of its kind in Israel which focuses on a reciprocal relationship between society and education at the community level. The program combines philosophical, sociological and social-psychological principles of education with the social and institutional structure of the community. The program is designed to achieve a daring combination of imparting theoretical knowledge in areas of education and the community, and developing practical-performance orientations to community activity.

    The program is open to anyone wishing to acquire and expand their knowledge on education and community topics, and the relationship between them, such as:
    Anyone who is looking to engage in activities with children and youth, as municipal education managers, in NPOs that operate in the community, and in voluntary activities in the community;
    Candidates and educators working in various community frameworks, who wish to expand and deepen their knowledge in these fields, and to acquire an academic degree in order to move ahead in their profession;
    Anyone aiming to continue on to advanced studies in education. The study program provides students with high-level skills and knowledge that are relevant for their future studies.

    Content that is similar to the Education and Community program is taught in programs offered at schools of educations at universities, general colleges and colleges of education. The clear emphasis in most of these programs is on education. In contrast to these programs, the present program is the first of its kind. This is a program that offers 120 credits, and focuses on integration between education studies and community studies, on reciprocal relations between education systems and community systems, and is oriented towards a wide range of roles in the interface between these systems.

    Another unique element of this new program is the combination of theoretical knowledge taught in the different courses with practical educational-community work. In addition to the theoretical basic studies on formal education, and community and a community lifestyle, this makes it possible to give the students practical tools for professional development of community leadership, which provides interesting, value employment and contributes to Israeli society.

    The relationship between education and the community gains a special significance in the region around Kinneret College on the Sea of Galilee – a peripheral district with a diverse population, in social and cultural terms. Gaining experience in this milieu may help students to develop an understanding of, and sensitivity towards, issues relating to integration in a community that comprises numerous age groups and cultures, and is a heterogeneous group on the socioeconomic level, as well as imparting awareness of ways of approaching enhancement of cohesion in such communities, with emphasis on the social and economic difficulties of peripheral communities in Israel. Experiencing this domain offers a great advantage for students who elect to study with us. The curriculum of this degree program applies advanced teaching methods by means of a staff of experienced lecturers and researchers who are leaders in the fields of formal and informal education. All this takes place in an advanced, cultivated and warm academic environment against a backdrop of the Sea of Galilee.

    I look forward to meeting you.

    Dr. Dorit Alt
    Head, Department of Education and Community