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B.Sc. in Quality and Reliability Engineering in the Electronics Industries

Final project conspectus as part of B.Sc. degree.

Title: Reliability prediction of complex power supply unit.

Lecturer: Ronen Sadeh.

The project deals with product reliability prediction and relationship between reliability and quality. Even before prototyping it’s very important to predict product/system reliability for recognize components/failures that increase failure rate of product/system. In this project highlighted the importance of reliability and quality engineer that has objective perspective on the product and has reliability prediction methods and tools. In this project was performed the reliability prediction of complex power supply unit that provides different controlled voltage levels for communication consoles in naval vessels. Until the reliability prediction was performed the electronic engineer’s design considered as perfect design. The reliability prediction has saved money and resources before prototyping. The project also underlines the importance of choosing reliability model. There are various models for calculating reliability of product and also the environmental and working conditions of each product are different so therefore the choosing of correct model will ensure predictability close to reality.

The project also highlights that the reliability prediction it’s just prediction therefore to ensure reliability it is necessary to ensure quality. Adoption of quality methodologies, standards and commitment to quality are the conditions to ensure reliable final product. There is impossible to improve the reliability of most components of assemblies ,such as electronic parts of all kinds, because the reliability of assemblies parts are determined by assemblies manufactures. Therefore it is possible to improve the reliability only by quality assembly processes. The organization has to be actually committed to quality to produce quality and reliable products that meet customer demands and expectation.

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