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    Quality and reliability engineering is a rapidly developing and a high-demand field.
    Quality and reliability engineers act to ensure that the quality and reliability needs of all the entities and components related to the operation of the organization are met, whether in relation to entities outside the organization, such as suppliers or customers, or in relation to entities within the organization and all its units. This activity has implications not only for high customer satisfaction, but also for the organization’s profitability and its sustainability over time.
    The range of involvement of quality and reliability engineers in the various economic sectors derives from the definition of two concepts-
    Quality – a broad concept that fundamentally refers to the nature of various products, services, processes and relations between entities within and outside the organization, including relations between the organization’s suppliers, customers, and within the organization itself, and this throughout the supply chain.
    Reliability – an engineering concept that refers to a product or its components intended to perform a defined function. A product’s reliability is the probability that it will perform a defined function properly within a defined period of time and under given performance and environment conditions.
    Quality and reliability engineers are employed in different types of organizations in all economic sectors. Their activity is carried out as part of the organization’s management policy to create and provide quality and reliable service to customers.
    The role requires extensive and wide-ranging knowledge about different aspects of product and process engineering, statistics, behavioral sciences and management systems, quality oversight and control, safety and hygiene, standardization, environment and community. Quality engineers must demonstrate various abilities in carrying out their responsibilities and in their relationships with all position holders and units within and outside the organization – employees, managers, customers and external stakeholders. Furthermore, quality engineers must instruct, guide and manage their responsibility areas in cooperation with different levels in the organization, among them management, middle management, production shop floor workers and others.
    The Quality and Reliability Engineering department in the School of Engineering at Kinneret Academic College is the only department in Israel that awards a degree in quality and reliability engineering. The study program demands persistence, and as students advance in the program, they gain a wide-ranging perspective of the advantages and opportunities the profession offers them.
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    Department Head
    Dr. Shalhevet Zur