The Technological College – Practical Engineers

A unique course that prepares students for the world of hi-tech has opened in the Software Practical Engineering track at Kinneret Academic College

The various colleges try to give their graduates an advantage, in hope of helping them find employment when they complete their studies. At the Software Practical Engineering track, we have taken this one step forward, and formed a collaboration with a big software house, which not only helps with placement, but also provides tools for successful integration through a unique course.

“As part of our efforts to provide our graduates with knowledge relevant to the labor market, as well as helping them find employment as programmers, we are proud to be the first in Israel to add the course ‘Industry-oriented project’ to the curriculum,” says head of the program, Amir Dagan. “The course is taught by a large software firm, and includes state-of-the-art technologies as well as work methods that are customary in the industry today.”

In addition to the excellent knowledge it provides, the course also serves as a form of job interview to the firm, and assists the graduates in finding employment.

אמיר דגן – ראש מגמת תוכנה
Amir Dagan
Head of PE software department
מכללה טכנולוגית – הנדסאים

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