Dr. Oksana Nir

Dr. Oksana Nir

Academic Teaching ,

Multidisciplinary Studies Department, Research, School of Engineering, School of Social Sciences and Humanities
B.A. in Behavioral Sciences, B.A. in Education and Community, B.A. in Multidisciplinary Studies, B.Sc. in Energy Engineering – Gas and Petroleum Energy Engineering, B.Sc. in Quality and Reliability Engineering in the Industries

Selected Publications

1. Shahrabani S., Goziker O., Teitler-Regev S., Perceptions and future intentions to stay in the hotel industry: the case of front desk employees in Israel.,

African Journal of Hospitality, Tourism and Leisure Vol. 4 (1) – (2015) ISSN: 2223-814X

Copyright: © 2014 AJHTL – Open Access- Online @ http//: www.ajhtl.com

2. Teitler Regev Sharon, Oksana Goziker, Shosh Shahrabani, “Factors Affecting the Decision to Remain in the Hospitality Industry Among Hotel Front Office Desk Employees: The Case of Israel “, Journal of Tourism and Hospitality Management, ISSN 2328-2169

September 2014, Vol. 2, No. 9, 364-375, doi: 10.17265/2328-2169/2014.09.003

3. Teitler-Regev S., Goziker O. and S., Shahrabani., “The Effects of Economic Crieses, Epidemics and Terrorism on Tourism.”

UTCC International Journal of Business and Economics. Decemabr 2013

4. Teitler-Regev S., Goziker O. “Skills, Perceptions and the Socio-economics of Hotel Front Desk Employees in Israel-preliminary findings” Global Management Journal Vol. 3 No. 1 2/2011 ISSN 2080-2951.

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