Dr. Levi Yifat

Dr. Levi Yifat

Sexual Harassment Prevention Commissioner,

Multidisciplinary Studies Department, Research, School of Social Sciences and Humanities
B.A. in Behavioral Sciences, B.A. in Education and Community, B.A. in Human Resource Management, B.A. in Multidisciplinary Studies, M.A. in Behavioral Sciences

Areas of Expertise

Selected Courses

Additional Roles

Sexual Harassment Prevention Commissioner

Selected Publications

Rassovsky, Y.*, Levi, Y.*, Agranov, E., Sela-Kaufman, M., Sverdlik, A. & Vakil, E. (2015). Predicting long-term outcome following Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI). Journal of Clinical and Experimental Neuropsychology, 37, 354-366. *(Equal contribution).

Levi Y., Rassovsky Y., Agranov E., Sela-Kaufman M., & Vakil E. (2013). Cognitive Reserve components as expressed in traumatic brain injury. Journal of the International Neuropsychology Society, 19, 1-8.

Sela-Kaufman, M., Rassovsky, Y., Agranov, E., Levi, Y., & Vakil, E. (2013). Premorbid personality characteristics and attachment style moderate the effect of injury severity on occupational outcome in traumatic brain injury: Another aspect of reserve. Journal of Clinical and Experimental Neuropsychology, 35, 584-595

Levi, Y., Kofman, O., Schwebel, M., & Shaldubina, A. (2008). Discrimination and avoidance learning in adult mice following developmental exposure to diisopropylfluorophosphate. Pharmacology, Biochemistry and Behavior, 88, 438-445.

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