Prof. Luz Nimrod

Prof. Luz Nimrod

Head of Research Authority,

Land of Israel Studies Department, School of Social Sciences and Humanities
B.A. in Behavioral Sciences, B.A. in Land of Israel Studies, M.A. in Land of Israel Studies

Areas of Expertise

Selected Courses

Additional Roles

Selected Publications

Luz, N. (2014). Reading Mamluk Cities: Culture and the Urban Landscape. Cities and Urbanism of the Pre-Modern Middle East. New York: Cambridge Studies in Islamic

Civilization, Cambridge University Press

Luz, N. and Stadler, N. (2019) Religious Urban Decolonization: New Mosques/Antique Cities. Colonial Settler Society, 9, 284-300

Luz, N. (2016). Scripting Mamluk Cities: Insider’s Look, Explorations into Landscape

Narratives. The Journal of the Royal Asiatic Society, series 3, 26/1-2, 72-78

Luz, N. (2019) Reconstructing the Urban Landscape of Mamluk Jerusalem: Spatial and Sociopolitical Implications. In: R. Amitai and S. Connerman (eds.), The Mamluk Sultanate from the Perspective of Regional and World History Economic, Social and Cultural Development in an Era of Increasing International Interaction and Competition, (pp. 123-148). Gottingen: V&R Unipress and Bonn University Press

Luz, N. (2018) The Holy Land from the Mamluk Sultanate to the Ottoman Empire. In: R. Hoyland and H. Williamson (eds.), The Oxford Illustrated History of the Holy Land, (pp. 230-257). Oxford: Oxford University Press


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