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    Our Graduates

    Agbaria Yasin

    Agbaria Yasin

    “24 years old, graduated with a B.A. in Behavioral Sciences from Kinneret Academic College. A PhD student in the neurobiology department at the University of Haifa. I currently work as a branch manager at Leumit Health Services”.

    In my B.A. studies in the Behavioral Sciences department I acquired extensive knowledge in various fields, which enabled me to find my place in the employment and study fields I wanted. One of the advantages of studies in the Behavioral Sciences department is the academic faculty that encourages and supports each and every student’s personal development, so that every student receives personal attention as well as follow-up also after completing their studies, which inspires students and encourages them to succeed and shine. I had the honor of studying at the college for 3 years in general and in the Behavioral Sciences department in particular.”

    Yael Barzilai

    Yael Barzilai

    “26 years old, I consider the period of study at the college as one of the more successful periods in my life.

    The combination of student life on and off campus together with studies that were for the most part fascinating was especially enjoyable and successful! I warmly recommend the department and the college!

    Today I am realizing a dream and am on the way to a master’s degree in educational psychology.”

    תמונת בוגר - אליעז כהן

    Eliaz Cohen

    “A graduate of the Behavioral Sciences department. After many deliberations about where to study I came to Kinneret Academic College. In addition to the spectacular landscape I found a warm academic home. The academic faculty is first of all caring, in addition to being professional, willing to help even after teaching hours and a desire to invest in each and every student.

    A college that first and foremost seeks to create a society that is educated, value-based and advanced while addressing the individual and their needs.

    On a personal note I can say that the Kinneret Academic College was the right choice!

    I currently work as a human resource manager.”

    Tehila Najdi

    Tehila Najdi

    “29 years old from Kfar Zeitim. In the summer of 2017, I completed my undergraduate studies in the Behavioral Sciences department at the Kinneret Academic College. The most important thing I learned during my studies was to examine reality from varied perspectives. The exposure and awareness of differences contributed to receiving a broad picture of reality, while learning about myself, about others and about society as a whole.

     During my studies the department was my home – the excellent academic faculty, the personal attention and room for personal development gave a feeling of security and aroused a desire to investigate, ask, act and impact.

    After completing my studies, I stayed to lead various projects in the department. Today I am part of a team heading the practicum course for third-year students. Also, I will soon begin studying towards a master’s degree.

    תמונת בוגר - נטליה קופצ'יוב

    Natalia Kopchaiov

    “I am currently studying towards a master’s degree in neurobiology at the University of Haifa (2nd year), working in a laboratory and researching the effects of a high fat diet on social recognition memory and its effects on several areas in the brain, such as the medial prefrontal cortex, amygdala and Hippocampus.”