Interested in studying at the Kinneret Academic College?

    Message from the Head of the Department

    Natural gas fields were discovered in the Mediterranean Sea in recent years. Utilizing this resource and the transition of the economy and industry to natural gas use require new preparation activities, first and foremost training skilled personnel to meet the numerous arising needs. Kinneret Academic College is the only academic institution in Israel offering a B.A. program qualifying engineers in the gas and petroleum engineering field. Kinneret Academic College program graduates:
    • Will understand and be able to plan, develop, build and operate the gas system that will be deployed throughout the country.
    • Will be trained to engage in extracting and storing gas from geological reservoirs.
    • Will specialize in planning systems for handling, liquefaction and transport of
    natural gas, its pumping and distribution to consumers.
    • Will understand the reciprocal relationship between energy and the environment and
    its implications for gas and petroleum energy uses.

    • Will be familiar with relevant legislation, regulations and standards and with the
    reliability and safety issues of natural gas systems.
    • Will also be trained to develop renewable energy sources (such as solar and
    wind energy and fuel production from plants – biomass).

    Demand for such qualified engineers will increase with the continued development of the gas market in Israel.
    Among the lecturers in this program are several key individuals with extensive professional experience in fields related to the energy, gas and petroleum market. The study program curriculum is based on basic science and engineering subjects. The program also includes hands-on experience in teaching laboratories and a final project conducted in collaboration with industry.
    I invite anyone looking for a new, practical and challenging engineering field in Israel, to consider joining the students studying towards an undergraduate degree at Kinneret Academic College. I am confident that your studies will present you with interesting challenges and that after completing them you will have long-term, varied, satisfying and challenging employment opportunities.
    See you at Kinneret Academic College!
    Prof. Avraham Shitzer
    Head, Department of Gas and Petroleum Energy Engineering