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    אלון יוספי תמונה

    Alon Yosefi

    I am Alon Yosefi (25) from Afula, a third-year gas and petroleum energy engineering student.

    I chose this degree program in particular and at Kinneret Academic College because the degree is unique to the college and is only offered at Kinneret Academic College. This degree is the profession of the future since the discovery of the Tamar and Leviathan gas reservoirs that will provide most of the energy of the State of Israel in the coming decades. Also, because Kinneret College is located on the shores of the Kinneret and the meeting of nature with the college can be seen from every location.

    נבו שלו תמונה

    Nevo Shalev

    I am Nevo Shalev (26) from Gan-Ner, a third-year gas and petroleum energy engineering student.

    I chose this degree program and this college because the college is close and located at a central junction in the Jordan Valley. At the college and in the valley there is student life and I wanted a place where I could combine studies with friends. Also, this is a new degree program and as one of the first ones I will have the opportunity to make a breakthrough in the energy field in Israel.

    דור סויסה תמונה

    Dor Suissa

    I am Dor Suissa (27), a gas and petroleum energy engineering student.

    This degree program is the future which is why it interested me from among all the engineering tracks at the college. I also wanted to get out of the big city and looked for a social place where life is quieter so there won’t be any background noises during the period of study and I can concentrate on my studies.

    גיל שפר תמונה

    Gil Shefer

    I am Gil Shefer, a third year gas and petroleum energy engineering student.

    I chose to study towards this profession for many and important reasons, first and foremost the future of the State and my future.
    I started out studying civil engineering, but after understanding that the State of Israel is at the threshold of a new energy direction I switched my track. The discovery of huge natural gas sources that will provide gas for decades, and the rapid technological progress in the green energy field opened new and varied professional tracks in the energy field and its branches for me and for those studying towards the degree. For example, building new State infrastructures for transporting the natural gas from the sea to consumers, and even exporting it to numerous state entities.

    The approach at the college is good, the lecturers understand that the employment market is looking for new and efficient thinking and their teaching is in line with industry needs. The lecturers are professional and give every student personal attention, creating the desire to invest and succeed. The people are good and there is a feeling of cohesion and help in and out of class. The college uniqueness is in its location on the shores of the Kinneret combined with the birds and nature found in every corner that provide serenity beyond the success.
    Furthermore, this unique track offers engagement with industry and every year there are dedicated tours to professional sites. In addition, in the last year projects are conducted at these sites in order to easily enter the employment market.