Yury Khatsrinov

Dr. Yair Farber


School of Engineering
B.Sc. in Quality and Reliability Engineering in the Industries

Areas of Expertise

Biological processes engineering (Biological wastewater treatment, Bio-corrosion)
Process control of water and wastewater treatment (Quality Engineering)
Bacterial attachment to surfaces in aqua systems (Bacteria inside tubing, Anaerobic biofilm)
Purification of water by household devices (Activated carbon, Zeolites, Silver release, UV)
Detection of contaminants in aqua systems (Optical biosensors, Fluorescence)
Impacts of polymers on contaminants and odor release (Water-tubing interactions)

Selected Courses

Quality and reliability engineering
Environmental risks assessment
Bio-applications of quality engineering

Additional Roles

R&D manager, Grand Water Research Institute

Selected Publications

Starosvetsky J., R. Kamari, Y. Farber, D. Bilanović, R. Armon (2016). Rust dissolution and removal by iron-reducing bacteria: A potential rehabilitation of rusted equipment. Corrosion Science, 102: 446–454.
Kurzbaum E., Y. Raizner, O. Cohen, R.Y. Suckeveriene, A. Kulikov, B. Hakimi, L. Iasur-Kruh, R. Armon, Y. Farber, O. Menashe (2017). Encapsulated Pseudomonas putida for phenol biodegradation: Use of a structural membrane for construction of a well-organized confined particle. Water Research, 121: 37-45.
Vardanian A., E. Kurzbaum, Y. Farber, M. Butnariu, R. Armon (2018). Facilitated enumeration of the silicate bacterium Paenibacillus mucilaginosus comb. nov. (formerly Bacillus mucilaginosus) via tetrazolium chloride incorporation into a double agar-based solid growth medium. Folia Microbiologica, 63(3): 401–404.

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