Mr Yoel Shafran

Clinical Criminology,

School of Social Sciences and Humanities
Interdisciplinary Studies B.A

Areas of Expertise

• 2017 to this day – Mental health center “Ma’ale Hacarmel” – writing legal opinions, dangerous assessments, personal and group treatments.
• 12.11.17 – Professional Certification Ministry of Health – License number: 29-144039.
• 2016 to date – Expertise in HCR-20v3 for risk assessment.
• 2015 to date – A certified risk assessor. A process of professional diagnosis aimed at assessing the likelihood that the attacker would injure the victim with a high degree of severity (serious injury, disability or death). This is a therapeutic / diagnostic technique that requires professional skill from the operation.
• 2015-2017 – Mental Health Center “Mazor” – Legal Department. As part of this work, diagnoses, handles, manages patient files and writes legal opinions on the actual responsibility and is able to stand trial. And also, a therapeutic group in the department.
• 2015 – “Shaar Menashe Mental Health Center” – Practitioner in the Maximum Security ward .
• 2014-2015 – “Ha’emek” hospital – a practicist at the mental health clinic at Haemek Hospital in Afula.
• 2013-2014 – Mental Health Center – Practical experience in the Mental Health Department of the Israel Prison Service.
• 2013-2014 – “Abarbanel Mental Health Hospital” – practical experience at the Abarbanel Mental Health Hospital in the closed men’s department where I took part in the department’s activities.
• 2010-2013 – “Cognito” company for effective psychology

Selected Publications

• Cale, M., Haimov, I., Shafran, Y., & Tzishinsky, O. (2013). Can you Know if Someone is too Tired to Drive safely?. Rail Human Factors: Supporting reliability, safety and cost reduction, 347-354.
• Haimov, I., Cale, M., Shafran, Y., & Tzischinsky, O. (2013). The relationship between objectively measured sleepiness and driving ability. Sleep Medicine, 14, e147.

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