Doctor Elian Aljadeff-Abergel

Lecturer, Department of behavioral sciences,

School of Social Sciences and Humanities
B.A. in Behavioral Sciences

Areas of Expertise

Dr. Aljadeff-Abergel’s area of interest focus now on the utility of behavioral interventions to promote “green-environmental behaviors”. In the past Elian conducted her research in the area of education, self-management and social skills.

Selected Courses

Ethics in behavioral sciences
Behavioral functional assessment and intervention
Seminar: Behavioral issues in the area of sustainability and environment

Selected Publications

Ayvazo S., & Aljadeff-Abergel, E. (2014). Classwide peer tutoring for elementary and high school students at-risk: Listening to students’ voices. Support for Learning, 29(1), 1-17.

Elian Aljadeff-Abergel, Stephanie M. Peterson, Rebecca R. Wiskirchen, Kristin K. Hagen & Mariah L. Cole (2017). Evaluating the Temporal Location of Feedback: Providing Feedback Following Performance vs. Prior to Performance. Journal of Organizational Behavior Management, 37:2, 171-195

Ayvazo, S., & Aljadeff-Abergel, E. (2019). Classwide peer tutoring in a martial arts alternative education program: Enhancing social and psychomotor skills. Preventing School Failure: Alternative Education for Children and Youth, 1-10.

Aljadeff-Abergel, E., & Ayvazo, S. (accepted). Effects of Class-wide Self-Management Intervention on Students’ Social Skills in Physical Education. Education and Treatment of Children.

Peterson S., Aljadeff-Abergel, E., Wiskerchen, B., Acker, N. (accepted). The Role of Choice Making in School Settings. Journal of Behavioral Education

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