Doctor Ofir Menashe

Faculty Member (Senior Lecturer),

School of Engineering
Water Industry Engineering B.Sc

Areas of Expertise

Microbiology of water and wastewater, emphasis on bio-degradation processes in wastewater treatment plants (Industry and Sanitary)

Selected Courses

Microbiology – Introductory
Microbiology of water and wastewater
Process engineering microbiology
Energy & Environment

Additional Roles

Head of the Laboratory of Environmental Biotechnology

Research Comity – Chair

Selected Publications

1. Rupak Kumar, Yasmin Raizner, Lilach Iasur Kruh, Ofir Menashe, Hassan Azaizehe, Suman Kapur, Eyal Kurzbaum. Extracellular laccase production and phenolics degradation by an olive mill wastewater isolate. Grasas y Aceites (accepted 10.2017).
2. Eyal Kurzbaum, Yasmin Raizner, Oded Cohen, Ran Y. Suckeveriene, Anatoly Kulikov, Ben Hakimi, Lilach Iasur Kruh, Yair Farber, Ofir Menashe. Encapsulated Pseudomonas putida for phenol biodegradation: Use of a structural membrane for construction of a well-organized confined particle, Water Research, 2017, Vol.121, pages 37-45.
3. Ofir Menashe and Eyal Kurzbaum, A Novel Bioaugmentation Treatment Approach using a Confined Microbial Environment: A Case Study in a MBR Wastewater Treatment Plant, Environmental Technology, (on-line publication, DOI: 10.1080/09593330.2015.1121293), Jan. 2016.
4. Hassan Azaizeh, Eyal Kurzbaum, Ons Said, Husain Jaradat, Ofir Menashe. The potential of autochthonous microbial culture encapsulation in a confined environment for phenols biodegradation, Environmental Science and Pollutants Research (ESPR), 2015 Vol. 22 (19) pages: 15179-15187.
5. Ofir Menashe and Eyal Kurzbaum, Small-bioreactor platform technology as a municipal wastewater additive treatment, Water Science & Technology, 2014, Vol.69 (3), pages 504-510.

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