Professor Yechezkel (Hezi) Israeli

Head of MA program in Tourism and Hotel Managemet,

School of Social Sciences and Humanities
Tourism and Hotel Management B.A

Areas of Expertise

Tourism planning and development, tourism management, attraction management, transportation planning, the relationship between tourism and transportation for accessibility, tourism surveys.

Selected Courses

For BA program:
Tourism planning and developmment – a seminar
Management of tourism and recreation systems
Optimization and decision making process
For MA program:
Operation Research applications in tourism
Managing tourism and transportation in a global environment
Data analysis and decision making in tourism and hospita;ity
A final project in tourism strstegic management

Additional Roles

A member og the college academic council
A member of committee for international affairs

Selected Publications

1. Koren-Lawrence, N., Collins, N., Israeli, Y. (2019). “The Future of the Past -A Methodology for the Management of Archaeological Tourist Sites”. Tourism Management Perspectives. Paper was accepted for publishing. To be published in early 2020.
2. Israeli, Y., Gasul, D. (2019). “From Serious Leisure to Cycling Tourism – the Case of Mountain Biking”. Acta Turistica. Paper was accepted for publishing. To be published in December 2019.
3. Gasul, D., Israeli, Y. (2016). “From Serious Leisure to Cycling Tourism”. Yaar – Journal for Forest and Landscape Management. 16:5-16, June.
4. Collins Kreiner, N., Israeli, Y. (2010). “Supporting an Integrated Soft Approach to Ecotourism Development: The Agmon Lake, Israel “. Tourism Geographies, Vol. 12, No. 1, pp. 118-139.
5. Israeli, Y., Mansfeld, Y. (2005). “Transportation Accessibility towards Tourism Attractions in the Old City Basin of Jerusalem”. Horizons in Geography, Vol. 64-65, pp. 505-522. (in Hebrew).
6. Israeli, Y., Goldsmith, S. and Yahav, M. (2004). “The Tourism Potential of Zionist Heritage Sites in Rural Areas: Investigation of Four Case Studies”. In J.O. Maos, M. Inbar and D.F. Shmueli (eds.). Contemporary Israeli Geography (Special Issue of Horizons in Geography, Vol. 60-61). pp. 279-288.
7. Israeli, Y., Mansfeld, Y. (2003). “Transportation Accessibility to and within Tourist Attractions in the Old City of Jerusalem”. Tourism Geographies, Vol. 5, No. 4, pp. 461-481
8. Ceder, A., Israeli, Y. (1998). “User and Operator Perspectives in Transit Network Design”. Transportation Research Record No. 1623: Public Transit/Rail, pp. 3-7.

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