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Selected Courses

‘- The Greek City in Palestine in the Hellenistic-Roman and Byzantine Periods
– Monks and Monasteries in Byzantine Palestine
-The Beginnings of Christianity
– Christianity and the Holy Land
– TOURISM AND THE Sea of Galilee

Selected Publications

1. J. Ashkenazi (2009), The Mother of all Churches: The Church of Jerusalem from Its Foundation to the Arab Conquest, Yad Ben-Zvi, Jerusalem (Hebrew) 438p
4. *J. Ashkenazi (2019), “Kerygmatic Landscapes of the Galilee and the Quest for the Historical Jesus”, Early Christianity (EC) 10.3, pp. 333-359
5. *J. Ashkenazi, M. Aviam, R. Grinberg and O. Tal (2019), “A Byzantine Tombstone from Tel Bet Yeraḥ/Khirbat al-Karak (Israel)”, Scripta Classica Israelica 38, pp. 129-137
6. *J. Ashkenazi (2018), “Family rural Churches in Late Antique Palestine and the competition in the ‘field of Religious Goods’: a socio-historical view”, Journal of Ecclesiastical History 69.4, pp. 709-727.
7. *J. Ashkenazi and M. Aviam (2017), “The Jewish Elite of Sepphoris in Late Antiquity: Indications from Burial Inscriptions”, Journal of Jewish Studies 68.2, pp. 308-323. DOI:
8. *J. Ashkenazi and M. Aviam (2017), “Monasteries and Villages: Rural Economy and Religious Interdependency in Late Antique Palestine”, Vigiliae Christianae 71 (2017), pp. 117-133. DOI: 10.1163/15700720-12341297
9. *J. Ashkenazi and M. Aviam (2014), “Late Antique Pilgrim Monasteries in Galilean Loca Sancta”, Liber Annuus 64, pp. 559-573
10. *J. Ashkenazi (2014), “Holy Man versus Monk – Village and Monastery in the Late Antique Levant: Between Hagiography and Archaeology”, Journal for the Economic and Social History of the Orient 57.5, pp. 745-766. DOI:
11. *J. Ashkenazi, M. Aviam (2013), “Horvat Bata: A Village and its monasteries: A study of a rural landscape in Late antique Palestine,” Cathedra 147 pp. 7-32 (Hebrew, English summary)
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14. J. Ashkenazi (1995), “Pagan worship in Palestine in the Byzantine period”. Michmanim 8, pp.53-62 (Hebrew, Eng. Summery)
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18. J. Ashkenazi (2004), “Sophists and priests in Late Antique Gaza According to Choricius the Rhetor”. In Christian Gaza in Late Antiquity (B. Biton-Ashkeloni, A. Kofsky, eds.) Brill, Leiden, pp. 195-208
19. J. Ashkenazi (1999), “Curing and Nursing in the Church of Jerusalem during the Byzantine Period”. In: Medicine in Jerusalem throughout the Ages (Z. Amar, E. Lev, J. Schwartz, eds.), Tel-Aviv, pp.33-49 (Hebrew, Eng. Summery)
20. J. Ashkenazi (1996),”Church Involvement in Medical Services in Byzantine Eretz-Israel”. In Illness and Healing in Ancient times. Exhibition Catalogue No. 13, the Reuben and Edith Hecht Museum, University of Haifa, pp. 46-51
21. J. Ashkenazi (1994), “The Church and the leisure culture in Palestine during the Byzantine Period”. In: The theatre culture in Palestine and in the Classical world (A. Segal, ed.), Haifa, pp.95-102 (Hebrew, Eng. Summery)

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