Dr. Hila Zaban


School of Social Sciences and Humanities
B.A. in Behavioral Sciences, Tourism and Hotel Management B.A

Areas of Expertise

Urban sociology and anthropology
Urban transformation, gentrification and urban renewal
Lifestyle migration
Second homes

Selected Courses

Urban Sociology
Managing international religious and heritage tourism
Heritage tourism in the modern era
Leisure and recreational studies
Geography of tourism
Tourism, society, environment

Selected Publications

1. Zaban, H. (2019). New Children of Israel: Emerging Jewish Communities in an Era of Globalization, by Nathan P. Devir. Ethnic and Racial Studies.

2. Zaban H. (2019). The Real Estate Foothold in the Holy Land: Transnational Gentrification in Jerusalem. Urban Studies (online first).

3. Zaban, H. (2017). Preserving “the Enemy’s” Architecture: Preservation and Gentrification in a Formerly Palestinian Jerusalem Neighbourhood. International Journal of Heritage Studies, 23(10), 961-976.

4. Zaban, H. (2017). City of Go(l)d: Spatial and Cultural Effects of High-Status Jewish Immigration from Western Countries on the Baka Neighbourhood of Jerusalem, Urban Studies, 54(7), 1539-1558.

5. Zaban, H. (2017). Structure, Agency and TimeSpace in Immigrants’ Enclaves: High-Status Immigration in Jerusalem, Israel. In A. Christou, E. Mavroudi and B. Page (eds.), Timespace and Migration. Cheltenham, London: Edward Elgar Publishing.

6. Zaban, H. (2017). Communal Identity vs. Commercial Identity: The Case Studies of Bethlehem Road and Emek Refa’im Street in Jerusalem. In A. Golan and R. Donitz Kedar (eds.), Corporate City, Corporate in the City. Tel Aviv: Resling (Hebrew).

7. Zaban, H. (2016). In the Name of Pluralism: Fighting the (Perceived) Ultra-Orthodox Penetration in the Neighbourhood of Baka, Jerusalem. Israel Studies, 21(3), 153-178.

8. Zaban, H. (2016). “Once There Were Moroccans Here—Today Americans”: Gentrification and the Real Estate Market in the Baka Neighbourhood of Jerusalem. City, 20(3), 412-427.

9. Zaban, H. (2015). The Effects of Lifestyle Migration of Jews from Western Countries on Jerusalem, Israel. Two Homelands, 42, 55-66.

10. Zaban, H. (2015). Living in a Bubble: Enclaves of Transnational Jewish Immigrants from Western Countries in Jerusalem. Journal of International Migration and Integration, 16(4), 1003-1021.

11. Zaban, H. (2015). Whose Neighborhood Is It? On Civic Participation in the Planning Scheme for the Baka Neighborhood in Jerusalem. In: I. Beeri and E. Razin (eds.), Local Democracy in Israel: Decentralization, Localism, Participation and Local Politics. Jerusalem: Floersheimer Studies, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, pp. 31-53 (Hebrew).

12. Zaban, H. (2013). Becoming a Local within a Bubble: Enclaves of Transnational Jewish Immigrants of Western Countries in Jerusalem. In: R. B. Blake and N.J. Walthrust Jones (eds.), Identities and Borders: Interculturalism and the Construction of Identity. Oxford: Inter-Disciplinary Press, pp. 55-66.

13. Zaban, H. (2013). Whose Neighbourhood Is It? On Belonging and Neighbourhood Citizenship in the Baka Neighbourhood of Jerusalem. In: A. Edelstein and M. Dugan (eds.), Migration Matters: Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Pluralism, Inclusion and Citizenship. Oxford: Inter-Disciplinary Press, pp. 119-138.

14. Zaban, H. (2011). Neighbourhood Citizenship: Civil Participation in the Baka Neighbourhood of Jerusalem. Jerusalem: Israel Democracy Institute (Hebrew).

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